Google My Business for Accountants

It’s no lie that ranking organically on Google is getting harder and harder to achieve due to the increasing level of competition from businesses executing smart SEO strategies. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, Google My Business is a great tool.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an online business directory that gives important information about a firm, including (probably most critically) what is referred to as the NAP protocol – name, address and phone number. NAP is important for local search results – for example if a person  in the area that your business serves is looking for  an accountant locally, a handful of Google My Business listings will also be displayed on the SERPs (search engine results pages).

You might be familiar with these sorts of listings – if you have conducted a web searches looking for a particular service in your area, you may have been presented with 3 local listings under a map. For brand-specific searches, you might be displayed with a listing at the right-hand-side of the results page, with a logo or image, customer reviews and a link to a website.


The Advantages of Using Google My Business

Setting up and maintaining a GMB profile should be part of any SEO strategySEO activity was once restricted to a neat set of practices, often relating to tech elements and on-page content, but it incorporates much more than that. Citations in business directories give your site’s SEO performance a boost as it’s off-site but still online. Consider it a trust signal for search engines and if you’re trying to optimise your business on Google, Google My Business is an obvious place to start.

A Google My Business listing brings forward vital information from your business to the SERPs, often enabling potential customers to take an action from there, without necessarily clicking on the listing to visit your website. This makes the process much easier and therefore more likely that a user will get in touch.


Making the Most of Your GMB Listing

There is still a level of competition associated with GMB listings, so you want to make sure you max your chances of being displayed. Follow this checklist and you are doing everything you should be to stand out:

  1. Ensure your NAP matches other listings online, including the contact details on your website. Any discrepancies, no matter how minor, could result in you not being listed.
  2. Use up-to-date branding that people recognise and identify as you.
  3. Ask your customers to leave you reviews. It only takes a few minutes to do but it boosts the trust level.
  4. Select the categories that best reflect the accountancy industry, to ensure you are a relevant listing.
  5. Provide the right web link.
  6. Create separate listings for different locations.
  7. Link AdWords to Google my Business as it gives your ads a location extension.

Digital Marketing for Accountants

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