Google Confirms Suspicion of Algorithm Update but Says Nothing to Worry About

There was suspicion Google was planning an imminent algorithm update and this week they confirmed it. Here we look at what’s all it about?

The Rise of Voice Search for Marketers

The power of voice search has been steadily growing but what does this trend mean for marketers?

Digital Ad Industry under Scrutiny over Competition Concerns

Digital ad industry under scrutiny by Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to investigate whether competition is fair and what can be done to even this out.

Top Website Designs for Accounting Firms

Here are 3 foolhardy tips to help make your accountancy firm stand out with its marketing activity!

Top 5 Free Duplicate Content Checkers

Duplicated content never ranks high in the search results so we have listed the top 5 free duplicate content checkers to help you avoid plagiarising.

5 Tips to Protect Your Accountancy Website’s SEO after a Move

After an office move don’t neglect your website… Here we list 5 tips to help rebuild some of your local SEO power after the move.

The Lowdown on HTTP Status Codes on Your Accountancy Website

The lowdown on Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) status codes and their meanings so you can keep your website ticking over nicely.

5 Tips for Optimising Your Accountancy Website’s Content

Here are some valuable tips on optimising your accountancy website’s content to help captive your target audience.

Using Google My Business for Your Accountancy Firm to Stand Out from the Crowd

It’s no lie that ranking on Google is getting harder to achieve. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, Google My Business is a great tool.

Are You Making These Mistakes On Your Accountancy Website?

Here’s a list of the most common mistakes made by accountancy firms on their websites and how your firm can avoid them…

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