How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is an essential task for any business who is starting a new digital marketing strategy, giving you a benchmark to work towards. With that in mind we have devised a few tips on how to conduct a competitor analysis.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Accountants

Social media presents a huge opportunity to grow your accountancy marketing practice to show you you how we have listed the top three benefits of social media marketing for accountants.

Optimising Your Accountancy Website’s Contact Us Page

Many neglect their websites contact page, yet it’s actually one of the most valuable pages in your sitemap. Here we look at how to optimise your contact us page effectively to maximise your site’s visibility.

5 Bad Links That Could Cost You a Google Penalty

If you’re an SEO in know, you’ll understand the importance of good content and credible links, to strive towards listings high up in the search engine results pages, with that in mind we look at 5 bad links that could cost you a Google penalty.

The Importance of Call Tracking and Analytics

Here we look at the importance of call tracking and analytics and how it can enable you to better understand user behaviour.

Is Your Phone Always Listening?

With the conspiracy doing its rounds about our mobile phones and what information they can extract from you, the question is your phone always listening to what you say…

Amazon Video Ads Launching on Mobile App

Amazon is set to launch video advertising spots, in a bid to get a slice of the digital advertising pie, Here we take a look at what we know so far…

How Can I Become a Better Digital Marketer?

One question that is most muttered by business owners is, ‘how can I become a better digital marketer? So we have devised some online marketing tips to improve your skills.

4 Business Mistakes That Could Be Harming Your Accountancy Business

Although many companies research how to increase business success one area they neglect is looking at the things we are doing wrong, that could be hindering performance. With that in mind we look at 4 business mistakes that could be harming Your accountancy business.

What Is an XML Sitemap and Why is One Important?

A sitemap is essentially a road map of your website, but whereas an HTML sitemap is designed for the user, to navigate your site, the xml sitemap is aimed at search engines. But why is this important and how do you create and submit one?

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