What Is an XML Sitemap and Why is One Important?

A sitemap is essentially a road map of your website, but whereas an HTML sitemap is designed for the user, to navigate your site, the xml sitemap is aimed at search engines. But why is this important and how do you create and submit one?

How To Use YouTube for Digital Marketing

YouTube may not be the most obvious medium when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, but it’s well worth considering if you want a forward-thinking marketing campaign that gets results. Here’s why.

How To Make the Perfect Landing Page

A landing page is a chance for your business to make an impression on your visitors, so it’s worth understanding a thing or two about landing page optimisation and how it can help improve your engagement.

What Is Click Depth and Why Is It Important?

Click depth is one of the most significant aspects of SEO and it’s often overlooked. Here we look at the importance of reducing it, to help improve page performance.

Google Search Console’s New Alerts

Google is now notifying users of any substantial changes to rankings and traffic in a new alert via Google Search Console, and it’s mighty useful! Here we explain the new alerts and how it works.

Beginners Guide to Google Search Console

One of the most useful tools for website owners tp improve your SEO performance is Google Search Console (GSC) so we have devised a beginners guide to help you navigate Google Search Console.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Here we look at the term digital transformation and how it is of upmost importance for businesses in this digital revolution to implement a strategy.

How Can I Make My Accountancy Website Perform?

Whether you are a local or a global accountancy firm when it comes to website design there are some common denominators that need to be factored if you want to it perform online.

Google to Roll Out Useful Search History Features

Google is rolling out a useful search history feature called activity cards which helps to make your search history more accessible and useful.

3 Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2019

2018 was an eventful year for digital marketing with many things seeing developments, but the question now is what will 2019 bring? Here we look at some trends that your should we be looking out for in 2019.

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