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Welcome to Whitefish Marketing - a Kent web design and online marketing agency

Specialising in SEO, PPC, and web development, based in Folkestone, South East UK

In today's ever changing digital marketplace your website will play a more vital role than ever, in the success of your business. Here at Whitefish Marketing  we specialize in 3 core areas which are fundamental to your online success: Acquisition, Conversion, Retention. 

Customer Acquisition

Acquire More Customers & Clients for Your Business

Using a variety of disciplines (SEO, PPC, and Digital PR), our experienced Digital Search Marketing team utilise the latest techniques, in line with Google "quality guidelines" for best practice.

Acquisition of new customers is certainly one of the most important factors for any business, and should be budgeted as a continuous process for your sustained growth.  With approximately seven times more users/customers opting for digital mediums over traditional print, choosing the correct digital marketing agency for your business is fundamental to your online visibility in search engines (e.g. Google). In order to maintain a competitive edge, you need to attract a wider audience.

At Whitefish Marketing we have this specialist knowledge and operate a wide range of acquisition techniques, tailored to promote your business and brand, to attract new client√®le.  We analyse your existing "digital" strengths, operational capabilities, marketing budgets and also your competitors to determine which avenues of marketing activity will yield the best ROI in the time-frame suited for your needs.

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Customer Conversion

Convert More Web Customers Into Sales

Simply bringing customers to your website is sometimes not enough. You could already be attracting a substantial amount of new visitors, but unless they convert into a sale, a qualified lead, or operate your preferred call-to-action (CTA), you could be spending your existing marketing budgets inefficiently and losing out on potential business.  Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is about increasing your sales/lead conversion %, in a cost efficient manner.

At Whitefish Marketing our specialist team in onsite web conversion will eliminate doubt and subjective argument to identify the true improvements required on your site which WILL help increase leads or online sales.  With an arsenal of software tools and tested techniques, our conversion rate optimisation team analyses the structure and functionality of your website, reviews the customer journey and popular pathways used whilst navigating your website, and sets up scientific experiments to collate data and provide empirical evidence outlining the best course of action required to increase customer conversion.

See how we can help increase your leads.

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Customer Retention

Increase Repeat Business from Existing Customers

Customer retention is often a neglected part of many business strategies. On occasions, securing repeat business from an existing customer can be cheaper and more cost effective than selling to a new.  By building significantly on your retention marketing activities you will help brand recognition, improve customer loyalty, encourage consumer empowerment allowing for word of mouth promotion, and lower your overall future cost per sale, to name but a few benefits.

For many businesses, the customer buying process is cyclical, and repeat business is an important revenue stream with should not be overlooked lightly.   Understanding the consumer path is vital to identifying their propensity to purchase, which allows us to forecast their need for re-purchase and act accordingly.

At Whitefish Marketing we offer a range of customer retention strategies, from email marketing to brand management and more.  Contact a member of the Whitefish Marketing team to see how we can help improve your retention marketing activities, and help recapture lost opportunities. 

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