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SEO is absolutely fundamental for your Digital Marketing success.  It forms the building blocks for the rest of your digital marketing.

SEO, in a nutshell...

A brief overview of what SEO is

SEO (Search Engine optimisation) is the technique used to organically rank your company high in the search engine results (such as on Google, Bing, Yahoo) for selected and relevant keywords, so that potential customers pick YOU over competitors, and in turn drives more customers to your business. It is the most cost effective form of marketing in the long term and should be considered as an ongoing monthly process.

If someone searched for a "Roses" close to Valentines day... as a florist you want to be top of those search results!


Why you need SEO to remain competitive

SEO is best in the long termGoogle updates its algorithms approximately 500-600 times a year, and with it come fluctuations in SEO rankings.  Not only the most cost effective form of digital marketing overall, SEO results are considered to be the most trusted as it is enforced and provided by Google. (Unlike PPC where top positions can merely be paid for, instead of earned).  Naturally there are other search engines, but predominantly we work with Google. 

Without good SEO your visibility in search engine results will be poor and potential customers will be clicking on your competitors’ websites, and buying their services instead of yours.  Without the ability to adapt to those Google algorithm changes, your competitive ranking could be diminished.

Even existing SEO campaigns can ALWAYS be improved

No company, or their respective SEO agency, should rest on their laurels.  With SEO updates happening almost every day, the need to stay ahead of the curve is ever more prevalent.  Even if you have conducted SEO work in the past, the activities and techniques used 6 months ago may no longer be relevant in today’s accepted parameters.  Likewise with all the hard work put in, although there is obvious residual value, the positive results from 6 months (or even a month ago) will start to die down over time.  One of the many main ingredients to SEO success is “Freshness“. 

At Whitefish Marketing, we bring a fresh feel to your existing SEO campaigns.  We start from anew and analyse your site for the first time.  We bring experience and up-to-date industry knowledge on the latest changes to ensure your SEO marketing campaigns moving forward have the best chance of success and growth.

Even in the worst scenarios, where companies have previously encountered problematic SEO agencies and had their SEO credibility damaged, at Whitefish Marketing we have managed to turn those failures into successes.  Following an investigation and cleanse of SEO activities, we have successfully managed reconsideration requests to Google to bring websites back into ranked positions.


What is your monthly budget and which services do you require?

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Benefits of SEO

  • Organic Results (SEO) are more trusted among the experienced digital customer
  • Stronger Conversions for sales and lead enquiries than other mediums
  • Better Return on Investment in medium- and long-term
  • Acts as the essential building block foundations for all other digital marketing mediums to bolt onto.
  • Hugely versatile. SEO activities comprise of a vast collection of elements which can help improve and influence your website.

Do you need an Enhanced SEO Service?

Let us show you what we can do for you.  Here's what you get which Whitefish Marketing SEO services?

We focus individually on 5 core areas of SEO, to ensure your site is well and truly optimised:

  • 1 - SEO Research & Admin
  • 2 - Technical SEO
  • 3 - On Page SEO
  • 4 - Localised SEO
  • 5 - Off Page SEO Link Factors
    • Keyword analysisSEO analysis and setup
    • Competitor analysis
    • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools setup
    • Ranking Report Setup
    • Much More...


    Technical SEO

    • In depth technical SEO Site Audit and Review
    • URL site architecture
    • HTML/XML Sitemaps
    • Search Engine Submissions
    • Robots.txt Review
    • 404 Error pages
    • 301 Redirects
    • Meta Data Review and Refresh
    • Flow of Link Juice
    • Site Load Time testing
    • Rich Snippets markup
    • Cloaking
    • Mobile and Tablet versions
    • Much More...
    • Header tagsOn Page SEO Content
    • Paragraph structure
    • Content quality and research
    • SEO Keyword usage and reduction of "stuffing"
    • Engagement factors and CTAs
    • Page length, removing "thin" content
    • Internal/External Anchor text links
    • Duplicate content issues
    • Freshness and frequency
    • Above the fold
    • Hidden factors
    • Reduction of bounce rate
    • Much More...
    • Google PlacesLocal SEO
    • Citation Listings and Directories using NAP protocol
    • Optimise geographic terms within Website
    • Localised link building and geographic sponsorship
    • Grass roots partnerships
    • Localised PR
    • Much More...
    • Link profile analysisSEO linkbuilding
    • Whitehat link building techniques
    • Authority and Reputation building
    • Approved social bookmarking and social shares
    • Infographics and images distribution
    • Disavow Submission
    • Google Reconsideration Requests
    • Much More...

    SEO Packages and Prices

    Here at Whitefish Marketing, we don't provide an off the shelf package for SEO.  We understand that every client's needs will differ from the next.  We prefer to meet with you, (either a chat on the phone, or face-to-face meeting) to discuss your requirements, goals and timescales.  We can then tailor the best type of package to suit your objectives, from SEO campaigns for increased localised visibility right through to more substantial and comprehensive budgets for larger businesses requiring full content marketing and backlinking.

    Geographic Coverage for SEO

    All our work is carried out remotely, from our offices in Folkestone, Kent.  However we are more than happy to meet face-to-face for any appointments as required by our clients.  Here are some examples of the areas in Kent we currently cover and visit clients in:  Maidstone SEO, SEO in Ashford, SEO for Folkestone BusinessesSEO in Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells SEO Services, Sevenoaks SEO Services However, we work with clients throughout the UK and even abroad. Looking for an SEO agency in your area? give us a call today to discuss your SEO needs.

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