Use PPC for tactical marketing, to attract new clients and "bring them to the table"

What is PPC?

Pay per click marketing, or PPC, is an online advertising model whereby adverts are paid for each time a user clicks on them. The most popular platform for this is Google Adwords, and the Google Display Network.

Why is PPC marketing useful for accountancy firms?

PPC is a useful and effective method of marketing for accounting businesses as it ensures a dominant presence on the results for key search terms. Branded campaigns are an example of this – it’s now possible to have your brand dominating the space above the page fold through PPC and SEO – and they’re also an important means of owning and protecting your brand online.

Other campaigns using more generic keywords will draw in new clients who are searching for the services you offer, and can be targeted to specific locations. This means that if you have offices in London and Manchester, for example, you can target audiences within a ten-mile radius of both cities for certain campaigns, and the whole of the UK for others.

In addition, you can use remarketing, which targets users who have looked at specific products or services on your website, but left without converting. The efficacy of this technique is widely acknowledged by both professional marketers and their clients.

The benefits of PPC for accountants

Pay per click marketing has many advantages for your accountancy firm. Firstly, it’s possible to collect data, trial ideas and make improvements to campaigns very quickly – within a few days. Because adverts are shown almost immediately, it’s possible to gauge the success of the ad copy, the chosen keywords and more without spending a lot of money.

Secondly, PPC adverts can be tailored to very specific audiences and optimised for a number of factors such as location, time of day and day of the week, method of delivery and much more. This helps to drive qualified traffic to your website.

Thirdly, separate adverts with differing calls to action can be created for mobile and desktop users. This enables PPC for accountants to be flexible for potential customers, whichever device they’re searching on.

Finally, advertising can be paused immediately. If a campaign isn’t working for you, or you have to reduce the spend, adverts, ad groups or whole campaigns can be paused until a later date. This makes management of your budget and campaign trials much more convenient.

PPC and performance

PPC is a favourite among marketers because it’s very easy to track. Using Adwords and linking it to Google Analytics gives excellent insight into the performance of campaigns, keywords and adverts, and can clearly show how activity has driven or assisted the conversion of visits to enquiries. This in turn means that campaigns can be optimised to drive the highest number of leads at the lowest possible cost.

Additionally, KPIs are very clear, showing where money was spent and what the return was. This is useful when it comes to reporting to senior staff or allocating budget for the upcoming year.

Enhanced marketing campaigns

Using enhanced adverts for PPC for accountants offers further benefits. Various additions can be made to adverts in order to increase the amount of space dedicated to your business on the search results, increase brand awareness and encourage clicks.

For example, sitelinks can be added – extra links that lead to various related pages of your website – as can your telephone number to encourage calls. Mobile adverts can feature a ‘tap to call’ button, where users simply have to tap a button on the ad to call the business. Other enhancements can be made through review providers, who can add star ratings to PPC adverts. This means that new customers can see what existing customers think of your products and services; research has shown they will be more likely to click if there’s a good star rating displayed.

Accountancy PPC marketing from Whitefish Marketing

Whitefish Marketing’s pay-per-click experts have extensive experience using Adwords and the Google Display Network , and can use their knowledge to build and refine your campaigns, delivering a sound return on investment. We’ll continually monitor activity to drive new customers to your site and encourage existing clients to return, as well as reporting transparently on all actions and campaign results.

Our experience in the accountancy sector means we have an understanding of what keywords to target and how to make your adverts stand out in an extremely competitive market. We’ll work with you to achieve your objectives and ensure your business benefits from this highly effective marketing channel.

Call us today on 01303 720288 to discuss any aspects on how PPC for accountants can benefit your business, or to arrange a meeting.

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