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Whitefish Marketing provides a wide range of content marketing for accountants and accountancy firms. Whether you’re looking for new copy for your website or email newsletters or a dedicated client resource that demonstrates your authority on a particular subject, our copywriters and marketers can create content that is engaging, informative and aligned to your brand.

Accountancy Brochure Content Writing

Your business brochure reflects the key messages and ethos of your brand. As such, it’s important to get the copy right. Having a professional write your content ensures a consistent tone and style throughout, and helps you to portray your accounting firm in the right way. We’ll make sure your content follows brand guidelines, highlights your USPs and communicates your message clearly and concisely.

Press Releases for your Firm

A press release should grab the attention of the journalists it’s sent to. Our copywriters can produce releases that present all the key information of your communication in a manner that is engaging and easy to repurpose for an article. We’ll always get your sign off on any quotes we incorporate, and ensure your accountancy firm is presented to best advantage.  We can also distribute your press release, both digitally and manually via our network of journalists and publications.  Speak with a member of our team to learn more about this service.

Accountancy News and Blog posts

News and blog posts are a great way to keep your website updated with fresh, relevant content. Often, businesses prefer their blogs to be a little less formal, and we’ll work with you to achieve the right tone of voice, whether you’re commenting on current affairs within the accounting and finance industry or announcing a charity event.

Whitepaper Case Studies for download

Many accountancy firms produce whitepapers or resources for the benefit of their clients or peers. These could take the form of case studies, research presentation or commentary on a particular aspect of the accounting sector in which you specialise. At Whitefish Marketing, our content marketers will create structured, optimised copy that is useful to your visitors, and market it to the wider accounting community.

Supplying a whitepaper as a PDF for download also means we can track how many people have downloaded it, enabling us to suggest subjects or improvements for future studies.  This is a prelude to strong lead generation tactics which we can also assist with.

Fact sheets

Product or service fact sheets are a great way to engage potential customers. Accountancy can seem an opaque subject to many who need accounting services, so having clear fact sheets that answer key questions in layman’s terms can persuade a visitor to choose your business over a competitor. They can also help users to identify which service they require and make a more relevant enquiry.

SEO Content writing

To give your business the best chance of achieving good rankings in search engine results, it’s advisable to optimise your web copy with relevant keywords. Our experience in content marketing for accountants has given us a sound knowledge of the types of terms you’ll need on your web pages, and how to integrate them seamlessly into your copy to maximise the user experience.

Social media content writing

Social media posts can be difficult to generate, as the tone, style and content often differs from that of your website or formal communications. Many firms aim to achieve a more conversational, personable feel on social media, and our content writers and marketers can help you produce this without impairing your professional image. Whether you require a standard response to enquiries that come through social media or posts that make accounting more accessible, we’ll create compelling content that supports your brand.

Email newsletters

Email newsletters are a key part of retention marketing. They’re useful for reminding customers about the services you offer, or simply keeping them informed about developments within the business. Perhaps you have a presence at an upcoming exhibition or want to address something pertinent in the news. We’ll help you compile an email schedule and content to keep you at the front of your customers’ minds.

Flyers and direct mail

Flyers and direct mail cards can be a good opportunity to reach out to new clients and businesses who are unaware of your accountancy services. They can act as a shorter version of your brochure or highlight the importance of using an accountancy firm. Our content marketers will ensure you get the copy for your flyer or mail card just right for the demographic you’re targeting.

Proof reading and copy editing

In certain cases you may prefer to supply your own content – for online news or case studies, for example. We are happy to proof read and copy edit your work before it goes online to ensure it is consistent with your business’ tone and brand image.

Contact Whitefish Marketing regarding Content Marketing for Accountants

Whitefish Marketing are specialists in the accountancy sector. Our team understand the industry, the technical requirements from a digital aspect, and have a team of professional writers able to deliver high quality content as per your requirements. Contact Whitefish Marketing on 01303 720288 and speak with a member of our team for more information, or to arrange a meeting. We will gladly run through some options and ideas to help improve your accountancy marketing.

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