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Email marketing is an established way of communicating regularly with clients. It’s an opportunity to keep them informed about new products and services, and ask them for feedback on your business. For accountants, email marketing can be a good way of reminding clients about key diary dates in their financial calendar. These kinds of communication help with client retention, and the more personalised the email, the better service you’re seen to provide.

Types of email

As we’ve mentioned above, there are numerous types of email that can be sent out to clients. A primary use of email marketing for accountants is to present new products and services. These communications can be combined with an exclusive offer to email recipients, providing them with added value and a reward for their loyalty.

Email can also be used for key announcements about your business, whether its informing clients of your Christmas opening hours or introducing the new managing partner. It’s also a great way to notify them about events or conferences the business is attending or hosting.

More general communications can also be made via email. For example, you may send out tax news alerts to ensure your clients are aware of the latest changes and developments within the industry as a whole. Providing them with such communications demonstrates the value of continuing to use your service.

The benefits of email marketing

One of the things that makes email marketing a popular form of communication is its cost effectiveness. For a relatively small amount of money, emails can be sent to large volumes of customers. Many email providers base their monthly rates on a maximum allowance, meaning that businesses can choose a package that suits them.

Segment your customer lists

It’s also easy to segment your database and send emails that are relevant to particular audiences. This means it’s possible to send clients only the communications that are relevant to them, increasing the chances of retaining them. It also opens up the possibility to implement opt outs, so clients can actively choose which emails they receive.

Email testing & optimisation

Finally, testing is easy to carry out with emails. Typically, only one element would be tested per email, but performed as an ongoing process, testing can increase open rate and click through rate. You may want to test subject lines, body copy, imagery, layout or calls to action in order to improve the success of your emails – all of this can be done with relatively little effort and often surprising results.

Automate your emails

Emails can also be automated, saving your staff manually sending out reminders or requests for feedback. This can be time consuming; having an email set to trigger after a certain event means you can guarantee it’s sent on time and leaves your staff to concentrate on other things.

Why use an email provider for accountancy communications?

Professional branding

One of the main benefits of using a template email through a specialist provider is that your emails can be branded up properly, giving them a professional look and feel. Each email that goes out can use your brand colours, logo and messaging, ensuring clients get consistent communications.

Issues with spam

Mass emails sent through your standard service, such as Outlook, can run the risk of being overlooked by clients, or worse, marked as spam. Because your standard email provider is most likely connected to your website server, suggestions that you are spamming clients will have negative consequences for that same server. When emails are sent out via a 3rd party provider, it uses separate servers, which ringfence any spam related issues from your main website, and day-to-day email activity.

Whitefish Marketing’s approach to email marketing for accountants

At Whitefish Marketing, we begin by establishing a suitable look and feel for your emails. We’ll listen to your requirements for the types of communication you wish to send out, the tone you want to achieve and any branding requirements to create an appropriate template and email schedule.

We’ll also work with you to test various aspects of your emails, proactively suggesting alternative subject lines or calls to action. This will enable us to identify the most effective way to increase open and click through rates.

In addition, we are able to provide advice on segmentation of your database. By analysing the data on your CRM system, we can propose more specific groupings, enabling you to target your clients more effectively with relevant content.

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