Linkedin for Accountancy Firms

LinkedIn is one of the top sites used to research accountancy services, so it’s vital to make sure you are using this site to its full advantage.Think of LinkedIn like an online business CV. It needs to be professional, it needs to be informative and it needs to invite potential clients to engage with you.

Profile Picture

Use a good, strong image that reflects you brand and has consistency with other images you have published. Ensure it’s of a high quality resolution and fits the LinkedIn image spot. This may mean cutting it to size. Ideally you want to use your logo, but if you want something more personable, ensure your logo appears on the picture.

Skills and Experience

Just as you would a personal CV, include your area of expertise and your key experience. Ensure you are using keyword terms that represent these skills, so that you appear in the LinkedIn search results for anyone looking for these. Match these as closely as you can to the information on your website for consistency and if you can, add some case study examples of clients you have worked with.


Split out your information so clients can easily navigate to the content they require. Add a section to your profile for your certifications and associations. These allow you to stand out as being professional and trustworthy and have a greater chance of hooking clients. Add a contact section with a clear call to action on how people can get in touch with you, beyond the usual ‘follow’.


There are two ways to promote content on your LinkedIn profile – posts and updates. Updates are simply snippets of content about your day-to-day goings on, to keep you active. Posts allow you to upload content like blogs and whitepapers. LinkedIn favours posts over updates, and give them more exposure. Aim to schedule a number of posts each week, with blogs about your areas of expertise.

Groups and Follows

Join high quality, relevant groups in the finance industry. Not only does this show that you are well connected and professionally minded, they also provide a great opportunity to push your blog content. Also, make sure you “follow” some of the leading Accounting brands. Your newsfeed will be much more diverse and you will gain exposure to industry topics and updates, which you can share, to showcase your knowledgeability.


For a digital word of mouth, recommendations, or reviews are key! On average 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, which is great news if you have happy clients. There really is no harm in asking your clients to leave you a review if were impressed by your service. You can include this activity as part of your customer service.

Social Media Marketing for Accountants

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