Social Media Marketing can be summarised by its 3 core activities:


Creating a public profile and corporate persona on popular social media sites, to increase your brand exposure... effectively, your very own “digital soap box” to shout your message from.


To better utilise fast growing social media networking sites – (Facebook is the 2nd most used website in the world) – to publicly engage with your customers through a variety of mediums and empower them to influence and promote your business services/products to their friends and connections in turn. It’s old fashioned “Word Of Mouth” marketing brought into the digital age.


The digital age also brings about easier and greater opportunity for customers to both positively and negatively review your company in the public light. Correctly identifying, pinpointing and responding to these claims across the web could mean the difference between business success and failure.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Increased Brand exposure
Marketing Leverage - empowering customers to promote your message on your behalf
A Public Review platform – great PR when used effectively
Social Signals instil trust with your customers
Personalised Target Marketing – to those specifically interested in your brand and industry
Cheap ROI in long-term

Social Media Marketing In More Depth

Social Presence

This is your first step into the world of social business - presenting your brand on another communicable platform aside from your own website.  This offers great opportunity to leverage audiences on social media platforms, which are in abundance.

Social Presence is about complimenting your brand image, to reflect the values and persona of your company on these new social sites.  Whether you look to develop a presence on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, in the first instance you have the opportunity to display a prominent banner, coupled with a profile picture.

Your profile picture should reflect your brand logo, leaving the banner space for more creative work.

But visuals are not the only thing during the initial set-up.  HOW these pages are set-up and optimised will also have a bearing on their effectiveness within the social platforms themselves (such as with Facebook search), and how you link your social sites externally.

Social Engagement

The common pitfall for most is to adopt a “broadcast” mentality, constantly posting things out in one direction from yourself to your audience.  However the real art in social media management is in fuelling 2 way communications, through promotion of key posts and topical articles which encourages sharing and viral messaging.  The quantity and frequency of your communication, how you scheduling your posting programme, and your choice of time of day when to post are just a few important considerations.

Engagement is also about your corporate voice and image to the public world, outside of the website and domain you already own.  Your corporate brand image must be carried forward from your existing website to that of any social media platform.

Points to consider include:

  • Corporate Identity and brand guidelines
  • Corporate Tone of Voice and template response mechanisms
  • Colour Schemes for Profile Banner backdrops – in keeping with your brand
  • Specific Content Marketing bespokely written for social sites

Brand Monitoring

(Also known as Social Media Monitoring)  Rumours can spread and have an lasting effect on your business.  Whilst good reviews have the obvious positive benefits, statistics reveal that customers who receive a bad experience are likely to tell 7 times more people of their problems encountered.

At Whitefish Marketing our Brand Monitoring service completes our Social Media Marketing suite of activities. Our team will monitor “mentions” of your corporate brand and associated trademarks, collate the remarks, then enrich the data with our expert analysis and recommendations moving forward.

Case Study

Bluelime Projects

Proper content marketing engages with the reader. With Bluelime Projects we devised a serious of landing pages to engage with audiences from different geographic areas. It allowed us to be more targeted with their marketing campaigns, and this led to increased leads for their business.

Our recent Social Media Marketing projects

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