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It’s word of mouth marketing…. Updated for the digital age

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So what is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing can be summarised by its 3 core activities:

A) PRESENCE: creating a public profile and corporate persona on popular social media sites, to increase your brand exposure... effectively, your very own “digital soap box” to shout your message from.

B) ENGAGEMENT: to better utilise fast growing social media networking sites – (Facebook is the 2nd most used website in the world) – to publicly engage with your customers through a variety of mediums and empower them to influence and promote your business services/products to their friends and connections in turn. It’s old fashioned “Word Of Mouth” marketing brought into the digital age.

C) BRAND MONITORING:  The digital age also brings about easier and greater opportunity for customers to both positively and negatively review your company in the public light.  Correctly identifying, pinpointing and responding to these claims across the web could mean the difference between business success and failure.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

  • Increased Brand exposure
  • Marketing Leverage - empowering customers to promote your message on your behalf
  • A Public Review platform – great PR when used effectively
  • Social Signals instil trust with your customers
  • Personalised Target Marketing – to those specifically interested in your brand and industry
  • Customer Focused
  • Cheap ROI in long-term


Social Media Marketing In More Depth - Social PRESENCE
Social Media Marketing In More Depth - Social ENGAGEMENT
Social Media Marketing In More Depth – BRAND MONITORING
Reasons why you should adopt Social Media Marketing for your business

Let Whitefish Marketing help enhance your Social Media activities

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