Why Instagram Engagement Is Declining

Have you seen your Instagram engagement levels going down? Here we look at a report which suggests it’s been declining since May and highlight what could be causing this downtrend…

LinkedIn Tips for Accountants

LinkedIn is one of the top sites used to research accountancy services, so it’s vital to make sure you are using this site to its full advantage. Here we highlight 6 top tops for using LinkedIn.

Why Social Media Addiction Could Be Helping Your Business

According to stats from keepitusable, 72% of internet using adults have social media accounts that’s the equivalent of a part time job! But how can this help your business on social media?

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Accountants

Social media presents a huge opportunity to grow your accountancy marketing practice to show you you how we have listed the top three benefits of social media marketing for accountants.

How To Use YouTube for Digital Marketing

YouTube may not be the most obvious medium when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, but it’s well worth considering if you want a forward-thinking marketing campaign that gets results. Here’s why.

What Is the Facebook Downward Trend and How Will It Affect My Business

There has been an increasing concern that Facebook is actually declining in terms of usage and engagement. Here we look at the cause to the downward trend and what this means for your brand.

How to Manage Negative Posts on Social Media

Dealing with Negative Feedback  Putting your brand on social media is a great opportunity to get user generated content. Good content advocates your brand and is a positive signal for SEO. However, feedback from users can sometimes be negative. Here’s how to manage that effectively, whilst keeping Google and your followers sweet! Negative feedback happens […]

5 Tips on Using Instagram in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Many of our clients admit to being confused by the social media landscape and regularly ask us how they can use Instagram to promote their brand. The truth is, although online opinions and recommendations friends greatly influence purchasing decisions, Instagram isn’t suited to all brands.

Why social media is still important for your business

In light of the recent data scandal from Facebook many business’ announced the cessation of their ad campaigns, however, is this a reason for your business to stop using social media or an opportunity to diversify to other platforms? Here we look at why social media is still important for your business!

Why Do People Focus on Social and Forget About SEO?

You may have seen posts out there suggesting you forget about SEO and focus your efforts on social media marketing instead. Whilst social media activity is an important part of your digital marketing activity and does naturally assist your SEO performance, it should not replace your SEO efforts. Here are some myths that are causing a bit of a stir in the digital marketing world:

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