How Local Citations Can Help Your Accountancy Website to Rank

A local citation is a mention of a business online – more specifically the name, address and phone number of that business. It acts as a marker to both users and search engines alike – verifying its existence. So which ones should you aim to get for your accountancy business?

Citations are more commonly understand as business listings and directories. They can also be social media sites and apps. The idea for any business is to get listed in as many of these platforms as possible, to help users to find your business and to improve your search engine rankings. Citation sites occupy a lot of the top spots on search engine results pages so it’s well worth getting that listing.

How do citations help with rankings?

Citations are great for local SEO. Search engines like Google acknowledge local, well know directories and being listed on these acts as a trust marker. The key is ensuring your NAP (name, address and phone number) is consistent across all platforms, including your own website. Google will only look at exact matching in terms of the data, so if part of you address reads differently, for example Rd instead of Road, it won’t make the connection.

What sort of citations should I aim to get?

Regardless of industry, all businesses should aim to get listings in major directories, such as Thomson Local, and Yelp. These are majorly recognised by Google and have sub-sections for each industry.

Consider listings that have user reviews and feedback. Whilst this does open up the risk of you having to manage bad feedback, it is a chance to show credibility and excellent customer service when dealing with complaints. If the feedback is great, then this is only going to encourage others to use your services. Sites like Fourquare, Google My Business and TripAdvisor are great for this.

Social media sites are also good for getting a listing on. Facebook and LinkedIn are the most commonly used sites for this. As a business owner, create a Facebook page or LinkedIn profile for your business and encourage followers and likers. You can then encourage reviews from existing customers.

Accountancy specific sites.

Ideally you want to try and get listed on industry specific sites. The accLocal website is a great resource for potential customers looking for accountants in their area. Find an Accountant is a similar website, with a directory of all reputable accountants in the UK. You may also have specific business listings sites for your town or county – worth getting listed there under your specific services.

How to get a citation?

Most platforms allow you to list your own business yourself, with the ability to add images and links. Some charge a fee for including a link to your website and some may have tiered levels for listings. Do all the free listings and then assess your budget to see which sites you can afford enhanced listings on. Don’t be scared to make a few calls to find out what they can guarantee.

SEO Services for Accountants

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