3 Accountancy Content Marketing Ideas

Some believe the increased difficulty in ranking organically is to push more people towards paid advertising spots. Whilst there is probably some truth in this, Google still has a duty to return the best quality results it can, and you can optimise your site by adding some great content.

  1. Infographics

Infographics are two things. Firstly, they are a great visual aid to help you get your point across more boldly. Secondly, they’re a pretty smart way of attracting high-quality backlinks.

Backlinks occur from people posting your infographic on other sites with a link back to your site. In order to do this, they need to use a code, which you need to generate when you create your infographic. You can use a tool such as Piktochart to do this.

If you want to maximise the chance of your infographic being picked up and used by bloggers who need a graphic to complement their content, you can use an infographic publisher such as Visual.ly. ensure you use the code to embed, with your desired URL to link back to, and a description of the infographic.

  1. Interviews

If you’re an expert in your field, then your knowledge is of use to those in search of that knowledge. Giving an interview about your area of expertise is a great way to demonstrate your authority in your industry and help to influence buying decisions. An example of this could be an SEO Manager being interviewed about SEO services.

As demonstrated in the point above about personal blogging, people connect with people. Blogging is one way of achieving that connection, but an interview can also add a visual element in a form of media that is highly digestible to people online – video.

Video is a powerful form of marketing that can be shared, watched, re-watched and embedded onto other sites. Socially, we consume hundreds of hours of video content, to satisfy our thirst for knowledge.

Interviews offer exposure of your company’s ventures and give you the chance to explain how you can solve a customer need, without having to be salesy. Think of it more as a consultation than an advert. Just ensure you provide a link to your website or company page, to maximise traffic to your site!

  1. CEO Blog

A professional company blog allows you to distribute content about your brand values, goals and products or services. A personal blog from your CEO however, can hugely complement your professional blog by adding a more personalised approach to your messaging.

If your aim is to build a community and communicate with them, a CEO blog gives you a face and offers the chance to share ideas and ventures that may influence your target audience in a much more personal way.

A CEO blog will enable you to post about specific areas of expertise, which could appeal to certain staff members at businesses of interest. For example, a Head of SEO might follow Matt Cutts’ blog (Head of Google Webspam), rather than the Google blog.

Content Marketing Services for Accountants

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