Optimising your Websites Content

The purpose of optimising content is to generate engagement by writing and promoting material that is of use to your clients and prospective clients. This is easier said than done, but with the right pointers, you can create a strategy to maximise interest in what you have to say.

Often accountancy firms assume that their service is a dull necessity that can’t be made exciting but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Accountancy services are highly sought after for many businesses and individuals so there is a captive audience out there. Here are some valuable tips to engage them:

  1. Use your expertise

Engaging content is usually considered to be material that’s written by an expert. Many people could write about food or fashion perhaps, but it takes a qualified expert to talk about financial services and support and this level of expertise is highly sought after when people look for an accountant. So use this to your advantage – write content with authority. Be a champion in your field.

  1. Get into the customer mindset

Ask yourself what sort of questions, words or phrases your customers or potential customers might search for on Google to find accountancy services. Make a list and optimise your existing content for these terms. Split out your key services onto individual pages and optimise for unique terms. If there are keywords or phrases that you don’t yet have content for, create it!

  1. Consider your content objective

Content should never just be written for the sakes of it – it should be done so to meet an objective. If a business objective is to grow one of your services such as VAT accounting, then create content that seeks to engage new clients. Write about successful case studies, create whitepapers on the importance of filing accurate returns or produce newsworthy pieces on legal obligations and changes at HMRC.

  1. Jump on current trends

One way of picking up interest in your content is to write about topics that are trending in the news or on social media. If it’s relevant to your accountancy firm’s services then readers will make that connection and trust what you are saying. Rewrite news articles with your own spin, create pieces based on how industry updates affect your services or

  1. Research customer need

What sort of feedback do you get from your clients? Is there specific information that they ask for? Where do you feel your customers require the most support? Research this information from your contact us forms and any in any feedback or suggestions you get from clients and make a note of this. Track what pops up most frequently and device a content strategy around these topics.

Marketing for Accountants

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