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Let’s face it, not everyone finds accounting and finance to be the most riveting of topics, unless you’re an avid number-cruncher that is. But to engage clients and potential clients accounting firms need to up their game with their digital marketing campaigns.

Essentially it’s about applying a bit of creativity to encourage engagement and avoid coming across as just another bean-counter in a grey suit. Just because a client wants a professional accountancy service, doesn’t mean you can’t show personality. In business, some of the best relationships are created from good chemistry.

So how can you make your accountancy firm stand out with its marketing activity over other firms in your industry? Here are 3 foolhardy tips.

  1. Consider authority marketing

Authority marketing is the task of making yourself known in your industry, to instil trust in your clients or potential clients. Authoritative figures are also known as influencers and they will be highly knowledgeable experts. Experts exist in all firms but it’s a case of ‘he who shouts the loudest’.

Whether you write a weekly column, publish useful whitepapers or have a video blog, you need to grow an online reputation for being an expert in your field. You can’t expect people to just know.

Furthermore people gel with people much better than they gel with a business. A personable relationship builds rapport, so create a face of the business and design campaigns around this figure.

  1. Showcase a sense of humour

Humour is an incredibly powerful way to foster engagement and has been used in many successful marketing ads to help sell a product or a service.

Sense of humour is subjective so tread carefully on your choice of humour – smutty jokes for example are more likely to be controversial and create friction. Light-hearted sketches however are inoffensive and relatable. They break down barriers and make the topic seem less intimidating.

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  1. Promote useful tools

In order to get clients to be interested in your firm, you need to demonstrate value in your service. You can do this by offering titbits to interest your target market, in the form of useful (and ideally free) tools that help people to solve accountancy issues. This could be an app to manage budgets or track expenses, or a digital tool that handles debts or highlights investment opportunities. You could even look at gaming aspects – designing a game that strives to grow the gap between income and expenditure.

If you can design your campaigns around tools that help to solve a need, you are more likely to get the people using them, to take up your services.

Ultimately it’s about changing perspectives about the accountancy industry and designing campaigns that are relatable, useful and fun – breaking down the barriers about aspects of business that people might usually find intimidating and dare we say it, boring.

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