Social Media for Accountants

Accountancy firms admit to being sceptical about using social media marketing – often this is because of confusion over ROI, as well as fear of opening themselves up to abuse in the public domain. But social media presents a huge opportunity to grow your accountancy marketing practice.

If you want to be competitive in the market, you need to let go of these fears and learn a few tips and tricks on how to utilise this medium. We have listed the top three benefits of social media marketing for accountants.

  1. Saving time and money on customer service

2.5 billion comments are left on Facebook business pages every month, which shows that customers do use this method to engage with businesses. For the customer, it’s a free and easy way to get in touch or leave their opinions. It’s a similar story in reverse – it’s quick and easy to reply. It saves time on writing customer letters or emails and it saves the cost of postage.

Worried about negative comments online? Ok, this is a rational fear given how easy it is for negativity to damage a reputation, but it’s all in how you handle it. Acknowledging and offering solutions to negative posts stand you in good stead. They show you care about the customer needs and expectations and can often flip people’s opinions around. The public domain can be a powerful tool to show your integrity.

  1. Understanding your audience

Nowhere else do you get an insight into your customer or prospective customers quite like you do on social media. It’s where users post personal content that’s incredibly useful when profiling your audience types. In fact it’s a marketers dream.  In a world where machine learning and AI are so prevalent, this is a huge focal area to draw insights about your audience that you can use to target campaigns.

Engaging with users also helps to build rapport and increase the chances of lead conversion and client retention. Users get responses that are personal and human, rather than robotic or automated messages.

  1. New clients

80% of SMBs (small to medium businesses) are on social media, which means that your future customers are online. You just have to find them. Different social platforms have different methods. On Twitter for example, you can search on specific hashtags like #financialadvice to find discussions relating to topics that you provide a service for. You can then draw up lists of users to ring fence as potential leads. On Facebook you can search in specific groups and discussions to locate leads.

Linkedin is an extremely powerful tool, for the same reason as Facebook, but also to locate key decision-makers at specific companies, who you can connect with.

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