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PPC ( also know as Paid, Pay-Per-Click) Services

PPC provides a strong boost to your sales, quickly and cost efficiently, with measurable KPIs and full transparency.

PPC Explained

Overview of how Pay Per Click works

Also known as paid advertising, PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It means precisely that; you advertise your product or service and you are only charged each time your advert is clicked on by a viewer. PPC is a generic term, but can be carried out in a variety of methods and across multiple platforms. The most common of which is Google PPC, where your adverts appear at the top of search results. Other mediums and variations of PPC include Facebook (and other social PPC), remarketing (a more advanced version of PPC), display network advertising, YouTube video promotions and much more. In all cases, PPC works on a bidding system, like most auctions. You set your preferred limit and amount you are prepared to pay for each visitor click, and if your are higher than the next competitor, your adverts will be displayed above theirs. (There are other conditions, which will help you rank higher, but this is a simplified explanation).

Benefits of PPC

There are numerous benefits to PPC, potentially too many to list here, but these are the most important (speak with our advisors for further discussion into the full benefits of PPC campaigns for your business)

  • Transparent KPI and measurable ROI
  • Perfect accompaniment to support SEO activities
  • Instant gratification, campaigns live as quickly as 24hrs
  • Full control and management of budget
  • Vast coverage of keywords and search phrases
  • Geo targeting to a particular radius
  • Device targeting
  • Target by time of day
  • Instantly reactive to search intent
  • Perfect for tactical campaigns
  • Start, pause, stop instantly
  • Optimise campaigns that work, switch off those which aren't. Very flexible.

Why Choose Whitefish Marketing as Your Kent Based PPC Agency

Some Key Reasons for Our PPC success

  • Strong expertise in the field.
  • We facilitate and manage campaigns ranging from £1,000 per month, to £100,000 per month.
  • Our team are on the avant guard of ensuring the latest best practices in PPC are met.
  • Our management team monitor your campaigns throughout the days and weeks, not just at end of month, to ensure progress is kept in line with targets.
  • We strive to expand your visitor traffic, whilst improving the ROI efficiency. We have in the past taken over previous PPC campaigns and helped significantly reduce costs and unnecessary expenditures for our clients.

Our PPC Methodology - How We Approach Campaigns

 PPC Planning and Operation Stages


Start your PPC Campaigns Today, and Drive More Traffic

At Whitefish Marketing we have extensive experience in paid advertising, and have the ability to tailor a paid strategy that targets the correct locations and keywords for desktop and mobile devices, as well as create engaging graphics for effective display advertising.  As part of our paid services, we'll even develop suitable landing page and deliver comprehensive KPI reports, enabling you to see where your budget is successful and where your campaign is performing best.

Contact us in our Kent office on 01303 720288 to find out more about our PPC marketing services and how we can help create and optimise your adverts to secure more traffic and sales for your business.  For further related Search Marketing services, click here for Kent SEO Services, Content Marketing, or Digital PR.


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