YouTube and Marketing

YouTube may not be the most obvious medium when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, but it’s well worth considering if you want a forward-thinking marketing campaign that gets results. Here’s why.

Video is the most engaging form of content on the web. Users consume millions of hours of video content daily, across platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Video plays are transparent and easy to measure. Videos with high levels of views encourage more plays so it carries a powerful viral element, especially when this content is shared.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google. This powerful visual platform sees 1 billion mobile views a day and 300 hours of video uploaded every hour. Many businesses now have their own YouTube channels where they can post video content consisting of things like product demos, interviews and advertising campaigns, forming a more current digital marketing strategy that works. Once uploaded to YouTube, these videos can then be embedded within your own site or other people’s sites as an iframe. You also have the potential to share these videos across other social media marketing channels, such as Facebook.

What do I need to do to get set up on YouTube?

Think of YouTube as two things – a social network with video content sharing capabilities, and a search engine where users actively visit YouTube and look for specific content. So, anything you post to YouTube should be optimised in the same way you would optimise your web content for Google search.

To get started you will need to create a YouTube channel where you can post your content. Make sure this is related to your brand and not your personal details. Ensure it is linked to your website and your other social media profiles.

You are then ready to start posting content. Your video content should be created from your content strategy, which means it should be targeted and have a purpose. This will mean writing a content strategy that’s based on your company objectives and target audience and including video as critical medium within this strategy.

What types of video content should I post?

Certain types of content perform better on YouTube. In business, videos that include brand trailers and stats tend to work well as they make your business stand out in terms of success and organisation. A good format that works well includes an introduction, an explanation of your USP and a clear call to action. With content such as testimonials, include what led that person to use you to foster trust in your brand.

If appropriate for your brand or industry, include humour and something else that provokes a powerful emotion like nostalgia. Humour and nostalgia are recipes for success when it comes to engaging your audience. Just ensure it’s targeted to the right people and your messaging is clear.

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