Email Marketing for your Accountancy Firm

Just because there is a growing digital marketing hype around mobile, social media and video, it doesn’t render the old hat marketing techniques dead. Quite the opposite in fact.

Email marketing has always been, and very much still is, a low-cost and reliable marketing channel that should feature as a fundamental part of your digital marketing strategy. If anything, it can also be used to elevate the more current digital marketing trends.

Email marketing campaigns are difficult to get right, but when executed correctly, can be one of your leading sources of lead generation and conversions. There is a lot we can say to accountancy firms on how to get this right, but we have picked 3 top tips to get you started.

  1. Consider Your Mailing List

When building a mailing list, remember – size isn’t everything. We’re taught in sales that it’s a numbers-game, right? Cast enough nets and eventually you’ll catch a fish etc. etc.

Whilst that may be a good strategy when it comes to selling, it doesn’t always apply in marketing. In fact, if we may be bold enough to say, it’s far better to have a small mailing list of genuinely interested subscribers than a gargantuan list of people who couldn’t give an ‘accountants appendage’.

It’s all about retention. And engagement. Ok, not everyone is going to engage, but if you have a genuine list of subscribers who expect your email and are familiar with your accountancy brand, the battle is half done. These subscribers are far more likely to engage.

Whilst emailing the masses does give you a smattering of brand awareness for your accountancy firm, a mailing list full of bought subscribers is more likely to deliver you and bundle of unsubscribes, and in some cases, rude replies.

So…..earn your subscribers by demonstrating the benefits of giving you their email address.

  1. Segment Your Audience

Your mailing list is likely to contain a variety of different audiences. Some will have signed up for information on tax returns, others for management accounting. Provided your subscription form adequately allows for users to state the products or services they are interested in, you should be able to segment your audience according to these interests.

Don’t mail bomb everyone with a generic message. You are likely to get a lower open rate and possibly even unsubscribes if you do.

Instead, craft targeted accountancy-related email campaigns to specific audiences and mail them exclusively.

  1. Get Your Content Balance Right

Text heavy emails, whilst informative, do not get read.

In the same way that digital marketers recommend using dynamic content on their webpages, the same is true here for email marketing.

On the written content front, concise is the way forward. Define your message, agree your hook and create a simple call-to-action. These should all be kept short and sweet so not to overwhelm the reader. Read the benefits of content marketing here.

On the visual content front, images are a must. Users are more stimulated by visual content and it also breaks up the written content so that the reader can digest it in chunks.

Important headers or announcements can be included within the image to keep the email brief. Avoid attachments to email as they often result in the emails being picked up by spam filters.

Check out this list of 15 of the best email marketing campaigns for inspiration on how to execute yours.

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