Generate even more enquiries and leads for your online business, quickly, hassle-free and at a cost effective rate

If you run a UK business and want to increase sales volume, then our team at Whitefish Marketing can certainly help. Our online system will help you generate more leads, increase enquiries and aim to deliver more paying customers who are actively looking for your type of product or service. Our experience and knowledge has helped various clients, from different industries, and we're here to help you too.

Best of all, this lead generation service is suitable for most businesses, regardless if you currently operate a website or not. Let us handle your marketing, hassle free. We'll bring the customers to you, leaving you to concentrate on what up you do best.

Benefits of using us

Turnkey Solution
Cost Effective
Performance Driven
Increased level of customer enquiries
Tailored System to your business and industry

Our approach

  • Step 1 - Initial Free Consultation Let's have a chat, so we can understand more about your business, your targets, current performance metrics, and your existing marketing activity being undertaken. From this initial consultation we can review if our lead generation service will suit your company needs and goals (We won't simply sell you our services if we don't think there is a suitable match.) After the initial consultation, if you wish to place the order, we proceed onwards.
  • Step 2 - Developing a new lead generation site, mirrored in your company brand Having a website simply isn't good enough in today's competing marketplace. In the past, merely having a website ensured you stood out from your competitors, but now it's a prerequisite. In fact, you need to go even further to maintain a sharp competitive edge. Almost every business will have a website, but it's HOW your website is designed and marketed which will help you break away from the rest of the pack. That is where our Lead Generation Service fits in. Your main website, as an online brochure of your product/services is fine. But in order to increase enquiry conversions, you need something else. You need a tailor made Lead Generation Site that is designed for one purpose; to be conducive in increasing new leads and enquiries for your business. Here at Whitefish Marketing, our lead generation site is stripped down to the bare essentials, with reduced navigation, sharper delivery of key information with upsell and stronger call to actions. Our experience and knowledge within the skillset of conversion rate optimisation has led us to developing a lead generation site, using industry best practice techniques, for optimum results. Our bespoke lead generation site is designed for one purpose... To increase leads and enquiries for your business.
  • Step 3 - Professional content with upsell A member of the Whitefish Marketing content team will liaise with you, like an informal press interview, so we can glean all necessary information about your business and service products, which we will be promoting on your behalf. This should take no more than half an hour over the phone, coupled with some questionnaires, to help us write up the very best descriptions and compelling content to better educate prospective customers and in turn secure your new leads. All our professional content will be offered to you for approval, before the site goes live, to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our approach.
  • Step 4 - Production of professional explainer videos The use of engaging video content is one of the core foundations to a successful lead generation model (coupled with strong content copy, and email marketing automation, which we will also include). Our professional videos will help informally educate the viewer, whilst reaffirming their decision to choose your company for the selected service. Our videos act to help your prospective clients through both the RESEARCH and EVALUATION stages of the consumer buying cycle. We understand this physiology of the consumer and we align our activities accordingly. Our professional spokespeople will deliver an engaging and informative video, following a predetermined script as produced by our content marketing team. The two elements, hand in hand, make as a formidable tool to secure more leads.
  • Step 5 - Creation of Facebook business page Facebook is the second most used website in the world. If you're not already using social media marketing as part of your strategy, now is the time to strongly rethink. We will produce your official Facebook business page, then devise a content strategy, and roll out engaging posts over the course of the next 3 months to help build momentum. Facebook posting is not simply about "broadcasting" what you do, or pushing sales spiel, but rather looking to develop customer relations, enhance your brand profile, engage with existing and potential customers, whilst making your company more personable. At Whitefish Marketing, our social marketing team know what to do to give yourself the proper impression your business deserves on the social networks.
  • Step 6 - Google local SEO If your business operates an office in a particular region or focuses on a specific geographic coverage, then localised SEO is essential. Ensuring your site is optimised for Google local search results, means you capture more qualified leads from customers looking for services in your given location. In effect, it's your "low hanging fruit", which you cannot afford to miss out on. As part of this activity, we need to expand your local SEO citation profile. Citations, when built correctly using the proper NAP protocol (Name, Address, Phone number), are indicators of trust and referral - at least in the eyes of Google. We will look to build your citation profile, each month, to increase those relevant trust signals, which will help push you up the search engine rankings for local search terms. We know precisely what elements are required to optimise your profile for Google local searches.
  • Step 7 - Whitepaper downloads and email marketing automation Offering something for practically nothing is a bait which viewers often can't refuse. Whitepapers, hot tips, guides, and even brochure downloads encourage viewers to submit their details, which adds to your tally of new leads. But here at Whitefish Marketing, we don't just stop there. Obtaining contact details and auto responding with their chosen download (I.e. Whitepaper, brochure etc.) should just be the initial step, and our Lead Generation System goes much further. With our marketing automation tools, we set up a series of time released emails, which will continue to drip feed into the customer's inbox with newsletters, additional guides and more. Securing a purchase or call-to-action from just the first email sent out, is the ultimate goal. However, statistics will show that the conversion rates are usually drastically low, from just one email. We improve those chances, by sending out these follow up emails, which help both with brand impressions and prompting more call-to-action points. The extra email content sent to the customer will be interesting and relevant, should always be of value to them, and encouraging subliminal upsell. All our emails also comply with the necessary functionality to unsubscribe at any time, so you don't alienate the customer. All email content will again be created by our own content marketing team, following that initial consultation stage, so we have a strong picture of your needs and business messages. Our lead generation system also comes with a built in email database to store all contacts, which you can download as a csv file to use as you require. This form of email marketing automation has repeatedly proved to be successful in generating leads from post website visits, and is a strong marketing tool.
  • Step 8 - Paid campaigns and management (PPC) Once your new lead generation website is created and optimised, with the content written, the videos and call to actions in place, and the email automation setup... It's time to start marketing you site. We do this predominantly through Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Commonly when handling PPC campaigns we advise clients to focus on all areas of coverage to include, Brand campaigns, Generic campaigns, and Tactical campaigns. However for the purpose of our lead generation service we will only be focusing on the generic campaigns which bring in the most audience figures. (Brand campaigns are not required, as they should always be redirected to your main website. If you are already running a PPC campaign for your main site, then in fact these will become conflicting. Another reason why we won't carry out brand campaigns here. Tactical campaigns are usually time sensitive and relate to a particular offer currently in promotion. Tactical campaigns are not evergreen, and as such are not relevant to the lead generation site we would be developing for you. Again, this type of PPC activity should be pointed to your main site as a point of practice. We will always liaise with you first to ensure our campaigns never conflict with any other activity you are currently performing) Here at Whitefish Marketing our team of PPC (pay-per-click, or paid) marketing specialists know exactly how to structure your campaigns for optimum search engine visibility and click through. Our experienced acquisition team will create and manage your campaigns on your behalf, to secure positive levels of budget expenditure and conversion.
  • Step 9 - Ongoing support and management Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. From initial start to website launch, and beyond, we will be there to help you through every stage of your lead generation campaign to ensure its success. Our ongoing management of your PPC campaigns means we will always remain involved with your project. After the initial content meeting, we handle everything so you don't have to worry or do a thing. This service is a turnkey proposal, which will generate results. However, we will always be on hand to answer your questions or amend your campaign as your business services develop or change.
Case Study

London Will Writing

A prominent will writing company approached us to build a lead generation platform, to drive new business leads into their sales pipeline. We built a new satellite site, created the assets, and developed the marketing drive that delivered leads for their business. These were bought on a per lead basis and meant the client could focus more on closing sales, rather than the marketing.

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