CRO - Conversion Rate Optimisation

It's about scientifically optimising your website elements, for enhanced visitor engagement and improved Call-To-Action... to generate more Leads

Brief summary of CRO

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the marketing technique used to improve the usability of your website, to enhance customer experience and efficiently navigate them from the initial landing page, to the main call to action for increased lead or sales generation.

In order to carry out comprehensive Conversation Rate Optimisation, Whitefish Marketing adopts a vast range of methods, each designed to provide additional yet different insight into the movements of your customers when visiting your website.  The better we know how your customers act on your site, the easier we can correctly direct them.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Removes doubt and gut instinct – results are scientifically proven
  • Measure almost every element of your website for future enhancements
  • Increase your leads and sales without increasing your marketing budgets
  • Understand what works for your customers, and what doesn't
  • Better navigate your customers to the right products/areas of your website
  • Identify customer drop-off points – why did they not complete their journey?
  • Increase up-sell and cross-sell
  • Improve your Return On Investment and profit margins
  • Ability to utilise focus groups and get real life consumer opinions as well as scientific results


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Visitor Flow Optimisation

Visitor Flow Analysis

View the common pathways your customers take when navigating your site.  Analyse the number of steps it takes before a purchase is made, or before the customer leaves your site without a call to action.  Understand the visitor flow, then optimise the pathways.

Easy A/B Split Testing

Scientifically test almost any element of any page within your website, with statistical results to confirm which option (A or B) your should adopt on your webpage.  Test things such as images, colours, CTA buttons, wording and text, header location, layout design, and many more elements. 

With A/B testing one simple change can see large results.

  • No extra coding or development work required for the tests
  • Proven results, identifying clear "winners", tested on real customers visiting the site
  • No interference or disturbance to your customers
  • Potential for significant returns with minimal outlay
  • Removes doubt and instinct, and replaces with proven statistical facts

AB split testing

1 call to action button change, saw conversions increase by 748%  (case study)

Multi variant testing

Multi-Variant Testing (MVT)

Some changes are more complex than just one element, you may wish to change the whole layout of your page.  This is where MVT is useful to determine which combination of different elements make the perfect match to yield the best results.

Geo-Behaviour Optimisation

The audience behaviour from one country will often vary from those of another.  Cultural and local economic factors will influence a customer's decision making process when arriving at your site.  You should look to identify the best features for each geo-audience to help you best optimise for a wider range of target market.


  • The word "Deal" may be more colloquially used than "Offer" i.e. Northern Ireland
  • Adoption of country flag or colours on a separate landing page will help reinforce trust
  • Load Speed issues are more important for countries without Hi-Speed Broadband technology
  • National Scheduled Power-cuts need addressing for time-sensitive campaigns. i.e. Pakistan Government initiate scheduled power-cuts at certain times of day.
  • Local National Holidays

geo behaviour targeting

landing page design

Landing Page Design

You wont get a second chance to make a first impression. Your landing page Offers the initial reception between your business and potential customers. It is vital to portray the correct message, instilI trust and reassurance that the customer has arrived in the right place, and has a distinct call to action.

At Whitefish Marketing, we understand which combined elements make for the best landing page, to:

  • produce the "WOW" element,
  • reduce bounce rate,
  • increase customer engagement,
  • improve CTA conversion


Clickthrough Heatmaps

Using heatmap overlays, we can analyse any page on your website, to see which sections, call to actions or navigation buttons your customers gravitate towards.  This offers important insights to see where your customers click, but more importantly, where they don't - could it be that your call to action button isn't as clear as you originally thought?

At Whitefish Marketing we see heatmaps as an invaluable tool.  When tested on your key pages, heatmaps offer instant visual reports on your pages' performance, and is used as a signal indicator to investigate other elements in further detail. 

When utilised with A/B testing, you can eventually manipulate the page layout to ensure your customers click on your desired call to action the majority of the time.

"Understand your customers browsing habits clearer"


form testing

Form Analytics

Creating an engaging landing page and outlining a strong call to action are only part of the equation to capturing a qualified lead.  The final step is creating a balance between offering an easy process for customers to get in touch (or to purchase your e-commerce products), whilst accumulating the required information for your client database.

At Whitefish Marketing we perform form testing to identify which form fields are essential and which are surplus to requirements and actual discourage a customer from completing the action.


Site Speed Monitoring & Optimisation

Load times effect your customers experience as well as impact your SEO. A slow site can make customers leave, whilst negatively affecting your search rankings. Each web page will load differently depending on the makeup of your website. At whitefish marketing we know what elements to look out for, what parts can be optimised and which elements to change completely.

  • our tools instantly identifies core elements to change
  • we waterfall test your main landing pages for increased optimisation
  • we submit solutions and recommendations for changes and enhancements 

site load speed testing

conversion page focus groups

Online Focus Groups, Session Recording & UX Testing

At Whitefish Marketing we are able to utilise our network of online focus groups and webpage testers to test market audiences before public release. We adopt a range of techniques 

  • Open and closed ended questionnaires
  • User session recording
  • Goal Orientated Navigation tests


E-Commerce Products

Identify your most popular products, which ones convert into sales the quickest, and identify which stock items to put on sale for quicker disposal.

With proposer tracking, ecommerce sites allows to quantify the monetary gain post conversion optimisation, so we can see what percentage increase sales have improved by once your site is enhanced. 

Our focus will usually be on the product description pages, experimenting with the layout, the CTA buttons, the depth of the product description, use of reviews and further details. Getting a customer to view your product is one thing, but adding to cart and buying is what's important.


analyse ecommerce products

geo behaviour targeting

Competitor Audits

Looking outside of your own four walls is also essential for success. By identifying your competitors we also review their site, from a UX perspective (naturally we don't have access to their own analytics, otherwise we would be proper spies!) to see what functionalities works for them and how they compare to yourself. Our analysis is not just visual, but we also inspect other behind the scenes elements such as brand reputation and consumer reviews, quantity of Google indexed pages, SEO link profile comparison, server site speed, and more. 

We measure a variety of factors to see how far ahead or behind you are compared to your competitors and provide recommendations on how to close the gap (or extend it if you're already ahead)


Google Analytics

Google analytics is the industry norm for proper and in depth analysis of your site and it's overall performance. From a conversion optimisation perspective we use google analytics to identify the key touch points of your site along the consumer journey. 

We analyse your landing page to test bounce rates and navigation flow to other areas of your site, we take stock of the main drop off points where customers leave your site, and we draw attention on the goal page to see how sales/conversions are generated. I.e. By repeat customers, how many times they return to your site before a purchase, whether it was ppc or SEO that helped make the sale... And much more. 


google analytics conversion rate optimisation

conversion or abandoned shopping carts

E-Commerce Cart Abandonment

Having customers actually place products in the basket, but not progressing to a completed payment, is something which needs to be reduced to a minimum. There will be genuine reasons for a non completed sale such as payment gateway problems, server issues, incorrect urls, security settings, or just a customers decision to change their mind. For technical issues, we analyse, test and resolve your problems. For those who had a change of mind we can entice and retarget such individuals, saving their basket, making it easier for them to buy from you and complete that previous order. 

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