Common Website Mistakes Made by Accountancy Firms

We’ve given lots of advice on what to include when creating a great accountancy website but what about the things you should avoid? Here’s a rundown of common mistakes accountancy firms make and how you can avoid them.

No Testimonials

If a potential customer lands on your website, ask yourself ‘why should they have any loyalty to my brand?’ Unless you have been personally recommended to them or they have already chosen to use you, you have a very short window of opportunity to achieve a conversion. A testimonial is a trust signal. If you don’t include these, you are failing to instil trust, which is critical to the conversion process.

Pop-Ups and Display Ads

Revenue from financial or accountancy related ad spots on your website can be appealing and for many businesses an important revenue stream, but too many will interrupt the user experience and frustrate the user enough to exit your site altogether. My advice? Lose the pop-ups and limit the amount of display ads you have.

Broken links

There’s nothing more frustrating as a user than landing on a webpage, to be presented with a 404 error. This is essentially a broken link. 404 errors happen when a webpage no longer exists, either because the content has been removed or the URL has changed.

Without a fix you are risking users landing on your page and bouncing back to the SERPs. To fix them you can simply redirect the page to the new location or a similar page using a 301 redirect. This keeps the user on your site. You can identify 404 errors and fix them using Google Search Console.

No tracking

I’m always amazed at the level of accountancy businesses that don’t track their online performance. Usually this is through lack of education. Using platforms like Google Analytics enables you to measure the performance of your webpages so you can report on, benchmark, tweak and maximise the various digital marketing channels, to grow your accounting firm online.

Duplicate content

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is to publish duplicate content. This means having two separate webpages with similar or identical content on them. It also counts for similar or identical content that might exist on sites other than your own. This could be accounting products or services or news pieces.  Essentially don’t copy text – always write new, unique, engaging content.


A CTA or call to action is needed to get the user to navigate and do something on your site. It’s an engagement tool. You can’t expect a user to go hunting for a way to get in touch. Users like easy actions to make life easy and speedy. People are limited for time and are used to instant gratification, so give them what they want and include obvious and simple CTAs.

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