Protecting your Website’s SEO

Disappointingly, there isn’t a secret formula to fully preserve your accountancy website’s SEO performance if you change your address, but there are steps you can take to help protect it somewhat, so that Google can make a link between your old and new location.

Google views an office move as it would a new business listing, so understandably many companies choose to keep the old details and add a ‘we have moved’ page to their site, in order to avoid losing rankings for local SEO.

The best piece of advice we can really give is to promptly update your accountancy firm’s details after an office move, wherever you can. This will help to rebuild some of your local SEO power.

Here are 5 tips:

  1. Update Citations

A good start is adjusting your Google Places and Google + listings. Since these are branches of the Google powerhouse, these listings will be the first sources scanned when the search engine is matching your data, so it’s a no-brainer.

Once you have adjusted your Google listings, it’s time to find where else you are listed. You may have an organised listed of citations to work through. If not, you can find your existing citations in Google and Google Maps using search parameters such as (“01303 720288” so you can log back in and change them.

  1. Consider NAP protocols

When looking at where to rank you in the local results pages, Google looks at your website and other listings, such as Google + and Google Places listings to cross-references key information, such as NAP (name, address, phone number). The NAP should match wherever you are listed.

Having a local address to the proximity of the user searching is of course important, but if there is a discrepancy in your NAP data between your site and your online listings, this could result in Google not ranking you at all because discrepancies hinder Google’s ability to trust the data they have gathered about your business, online sources.

NAP matching is an important activity to undertake when moving your office, if you want to rebuild your SEO efficiently.

  1. Tweak Directions Pages

NAP protocols covered, you may also want to consider consistency across any directions pages. If any directions pages to your old office exist online, adjust them to show directions to your new location. Ensure this is matched on all your citations.

  1. Add Schema Tags

Websites can be found in the search results more easily by implementing the proper schema mark-up. This enables you to include microdata about your businesses location, open hours and contact details.

Although the data isn’t shown on the website, it exists in the code and it can be managed easily via your websites admin system easily.

  1. Update Email Signatures

Some marketers believe that having traffic from a broad range of sources sends a strong quality signal to Google and that includes email signatures any digital stationary such as PDFs and whitepapers. This point is arguable, but in any case, it’s good practice to have consistency across all of your digital listings and material, for accuracy.

Need help rebuilding your SEO after your office move? Contact us here at Whitefish Marketing, we are a Kent based digital web agency who specialise in building and marketing accountancy websites, offering a range of services from website designPPCSEOemail marketingcontent marketing and social media management. For further information on how they can help your business, contact them on 01303 720 288 or head to

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