PPC for Accountants

PPC can be a tricky activity to get your head around but once you understand the basics, it can be grown into a rather fruitful marketing avenue for your accountancy business. Here’s some quick-fire tips to get your started.

  1. Choose relevant keywords

Relevance is probably the most important part of executing a successful PPC campaign. Because you pay every time someone clicks on your ad, you want to try and minimise the amount of people clicking off your ad as soon as they land because the ad wasn’t ‘quite what they expected’. This eats into your budget.

Choose accounting keywords that reflect your ad content and that people search on and ensure the keywords are prominent in your ad.

  1. Learn how to bid

Real-time bidding (RTB) is a way of controlling advertising costs, without the need to deal with people. Essentially you bid online for a price you are willing to pay for each click of your accountancy ad and cap that with a budget. The more popular the targeted keywords, the higher the bid needs to be to secure the space on the search engine page.

Increasing your bid price is not enough to score you the most exposure – that is judged on a thing called your ad rank, which you need to get right first.

  1. Understanding ad rank

This is a virtual score that’s hinged on a combination of factor including ad relevance and landing page experience and the bid price.

If you have accountancy campaigns already running that have a low ad position, the way to improve them is by improving the quality of your ads and the quality of your landing page experience and increasing your bid.

For more information, read our blog on understanding the basics of PPC.

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