Duplicate Content and SEO Performance

Duplicate content stands for content that is copied from another location online. Whilst there is no fixed penalty for publishing duplicate content, it can prevent pages from being ranked in the search engine results pages, which of course affects your SEO performance.

When Google released the Panda algorithm in 2011, many sites suffered a drop in rankings because they were promoting duplicate content. This counted for content that was duplicated elsewhere on an external sites, as well as duplicate content within your own site. It took a lot of time and effort for content managers to restore rankings again and tackle the loss of traffic.

Fast-forward to the present day and content managers are much more mindful about what they publish. Anyone who has a vague idea of digital marketing practices understands the ‘content is King’ message. If content is not good quality, it just won’t rank well.

What makes quality content?

Quality content counts for original content that has been well researched, uniquely written and well linked to other sources. It’s a sign that you promote information that is of value. There is no value in copying existing content, to repurpose – it simply shows that you intend to shortcut your digital marketing and there really are no shortcuts these days where online presence is concerned. Google is far too adept at weeding out the sites that show signs of cheating the system.

Those who use existing content on their sites run the risk of their pages not getting ranked, which is a lost opportunity in terms of traffic and conversion.

If you want to do well, you’ve got to invest time and effort in creating engaging content that’s yours. This is where a good content marketing strategy comes into play. Your strategy should be tailored to your business and what it can do, so your content should reflect this individual message. It should also convey your brand’s style and tone.

If you are writing a post about something industry-related in the news and you want to rewrite the content in your own words, make sure you do just that. If the content you write is a certain percentage similar to the post you are referencing, it will be flagged as duplicate.

Watch out for duplicate content on your own site

Duplicate content doesn’t just stand for content you may take from other sites. It also refers to existing content on your own site. Some website owners get caught out by publishing the same description for two products that may have a subtle different, for example two of the same style trainers in a different colour, or two of the same show descriptions at two different locations. Unfortunately this does mean having to write unique pages for each product, but it will pay dividends in the end.

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