Music and business

Music doesn’t just have its place in entertainment, it’s hugely powerful in an array of other key areas too like mental health, sport and business. In business, it helps to boost productivity in the workplace – music to your ears I hope.

Proving the value of music in business is a tough gig. Music styles vary greatly, as do people’s tastes, likes and dislikes. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. Furthermore it’s often people’s beliefs that music can be a distraction – definitely a fair point if you get the music choice and the volume wrong.

However, if used effectively and with the right planning, music can have the opposite effect to distraction. In fact it is proven to have a significantly positive impact on performance and productivity. It also helps to reduce work-related stress and anxiety – issues that cost the economy billions of pounds every year.

The effects of music on the brain

Dr Julia Jones, author of The Music Diet states, ‘the brain’s responses to music can deliver profound psychological effects and help manage anxiety, stress and cognitive disorders’. She goes on to say ‘listening to the music you love releases dopamine’. That’s brain health right there.

Businesses are investing great sums into encouraging their workforces to be more-healthy. Cycle-to-work schemes, gym memberships, daily deliveries of fresh fruit – costly options that often fall by the wayside. So why isn’t music more widely used?

Music is a simple but effective way to help address mental health issues in the workplace. Its proven benefits to health and wellbeing mean that you can help to create a happy, healthy workforce with reasonably low investment.

Music in the workplace

If you’re streaming music in a public place such as your office or shop you will need to pay for a PPL license, however listening to the radio or Spotify is just one option. If budget is tight, what about break out rooms for staff where they can pick up instruments and have a noodle about, or music taster sessions for staff? If you’re worried about disruption to other staff, could you provide music devices with headphones?

Could you have a live DJ playing at networking events to break the silence? Is incorporating music into your training programmes doable, to make them more engaging?

Music breaks down barriers. It also fosters creativity. The release of dopamine lifts mood which aids motivation and reduces stress. All very positive stuff.

Music and your customers

There is also some benefit to your customers when you incorporate music in business. From the hold music you choose on your telephone system to the music played in shops to keep them browsing, it’s all designed to incite specific moods and behaviours.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t hung around in a trendy shop for longer than intended because I liked a song that was playing. Some of the heavier house styles have the ability to propel me forward to my night ahead – a club setting for example and the setting for which I am buying an outfit.

I can also say that whilst on hold to a company with a complaint, I have been slightly disarmed of my anger due to a relaxing piece of music that I’m listening to. Annoying but effective.

If you’re keen to get more music into your business then Music at Work Week will take place between 25th November and 1st December 2019. For more information on how to involve your business, contact

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