Call Tracking and Analytics Explained

Call tracking and analytics are important digital tools that enable you to better understand user behaviour, so you can tweak the user journey and improve conversion. If your leads come in by phone, call tracking and analytics are mandatory if you want to be competitive.

Call tracking to understand the user journey

Call tracking is a technology that is set up to track inbound calls to your website from your offsite digital marketing campaigns. When a customer calls your business from one of these campaigns, vital data is stored about the origin and the behaviour of that customer.

Call tracking is important, because it enables you to assess the value of your marketing efforts, by looking at both source and the user journey. The source is where the user came from – where they saw your ad. The user journey is path the customer takes, from first land on your website, to conversion or exit point. It’s important to analyse this, to understand where you can make changes. If the user journey is not the path you expect, you can tweak this to improve the success and grow your ROI.

Call tracking requires software to be set up on your website and it’s simple to do. It allows the tracking of phone calls to be associated with performance-based advertising such as Google AdWords, SEO Services, Display and Electronic Direct Marketing.

Call analytics to understand users and discussions

Call analytics enable you to get really useful insights on your actual customers, such as demographics and interests. Sometimes, data is stored on what’s discussed on a call, using voice activation it picks up certain keywords, to understand user need.

Call analytics are helpful for businesses that are too busy to manually look at this data. They give you real-time reports that you can access any time to furnish you with important insights about customer needs. This information can be used to tweak your marketing campaigns and make them more targeted, to improve conversion. New campaigns can also be designed around these insights.

Tracking and analytics software are two really useful tools in understanding what works and what doesn’t with your campaigns, giving you more knowledge and control over your marketing activity. As we continue to embrace artificial intelligence, call tracking and analytics are likely to become more sophisticated, using machine learning to profile users with even more depth, leading to the creation of automated campaigns from intense data mining.

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