Myths around digital marketing

You may have seen posts out there suggesting you forget about SEO and focus your efforts on social media marketing instead. Whilst social media activity is an important part of your digital marketing activity and does naturally assist your SEO performance, it should not replace your SEO efforts. Here are some myths that are causing a bit of a stir in the digital marketing world:

Myth 1: SEO is dead!

We keep hearing this and this is coming from the fact that SEO now incorporates a wider set of practices than it once did. Ranking factors are not just determined by on-page elements such as keyword optimisation, link strategy, high churn of content production and back end technical elements. SEO now incorporates off-page activity such as social media campaigns, blog directory submissions, PR activity and local citations.

Truth: SEO is not dead. It’s the fundamentals of your website marketing. Social is a part of SEO. It has not replaced it.

Myth 2: Social media is easy

Social media might be a less formal space with a ready-made audience at your fingertips, but getting it to work for your business is not a simple feat. Users of social media are there to be exactly that…social. They are resilient to brands trying to target them online. A common mistake online is in businesses thinking social media is a space where there are no rules and engagement is high.

Truth:Social is often highly labour and time intensive, but yields little (if any) direct sales.

Myth 3: Social works for everyone

You might have been told that all businesses should use social media to get a slice of the pie. But this isn’t necessarily true. Social media can be a powerful tool if you nail the right strategy, but it’s not as easy as just setting up profiles and suddenly driving lots of traffic. Social might be a success for entertainment brands such as bars, restaurants etc but is much harder for industrious organisations or brands that have unexciting products. B2B is also a tough gig socially – brands trying to target other brands amidst an arena of informal content.

Truth:Social media is more suited to fun brands that entertain. B2B or brands with boring products might need to invest heavily in social ads.

Myth 4: Rankings aren’t as important as they used to be

With avenues such as PPC and social media, people are heavily focused on growing these traffic sources and neglecting organic traffic. Admittedly organic traffic is harder to grow than it used to be, but the potential is still very much there. SEO also has a positive impact on your PPC quality score, so activity is intertwined.

Truth: Google is still the most used website globally… it makes sense to rank on there!

Social media marketing is a great tool, but it’s not the be all and end all and certainly should not replace SEO. It’s a discipline, that although is measured as a separate source of traffic to SEO traffic, forms part of your SEO activity.

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