How to Optimise your Contact Us Page

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of optimising your site’s pages for web search, however the contact page is very often neglected. Yet it’s actually one of the most valuable pages in your sitemap. We look at how to optimise your contact us page effectively to maximise your site’s visibility.

The contact page is an opportunity to capture lead acquisition in one place, without the need for navigation. If your contact us page communicates what to do and why to do it, whilst giving serious relevance to who you are and where you located, you can maximise your chance at getting a conversion straight from land.


Schema is one of the most powerful, but underused forms of optimisation.Some consider schema markup as your virtual business card, with microdata about your business that can help make your search results more relevant.

If your page appears in the search results, users can see information in the SERPs (search engine results pages) on things like your location, your services, your departments and your pricing.

Structure your data using schema tagging, so that users can see information, such as sales contacts and numbers, areas served and price points.You can do this either by using a simple plugin, or by getting your developer to upload the content to

<h>(Heading) Tags

Every page of your website should have heading tags to signal to users and search engines what the page is about. The contact page is no different.Granted, there may be less text on a contact us page, meaning <h2>, <h3> tags etc, used for sub-headings, may not be necessary, but an <h1> tag is essential.

Optimise your heading with your location and a searchable term, such as “example services in location – contact brand name” and wrap an <h1>,</h1> tags around your newly optimised title.

Google Map

This one is a no brainer in terms of user experience. How many times have we visited a site, copied the postcode, opened a separate map based app and pasted the postcode in to find a location?

Adding a Google map with street view improves the user experience and reduces bounce rates, both considered great ranking signals.

Adding a Google map is relatively simple, but does require a little bit of coding knowledge. If you don’t have a developer, you can follow the instruction on adding a Google map to your contact page here.


Ensure you are applying proper use of NAP. Name, address and phone number (or NAP), is really important for your website’s SEO if you want to rank well organically in local search results. Granted, your contact page should naturally contain your name, address and phone number, but ensuring there are no errors is key.

You also need to ensure you have consistency in this information across any directories you may be listed in.

Social Links

Links to social media profiles enable users to quickly reference you online. This might be because users want to contact you this way, because they want to follow you for updates or simply because they want to check out your social activity.

If you have active social media profiles, you should add links to these on your contact page as part of your social media marketing activity. You can also pull through your latest social activity into an RSS feed on the page. Additionally, use schema tagging to tell Google which social media profiles your business uses and what the name or link should be. These links will appear on the SERPs page, to assist with CTR.

Location Tags

The importance of local search cannot be emphasised enough. Google has long been tailoring its search results to user location to improve the quality of webpages it returns.

Your contact address at the very least is used to help marry search results to user search, however your service may be available across a larger area. For example, your business may be located in Ashford Kent, but your services may be available to the whole of the south-east.

Ensuring you have a descriptive paragraph of unique text for the location page acts a key indicator to both Google and the user. Furthermore, adding location terms in meta title and description as well as the heading tag (as previously mentioned) will help your contact us page to rank for multiple locations.


You might think that images aren’t relevant to the contact page, but adding visual value to your page will help it to rank. Google likes rich media so consider adding some images of the local area. You could add images of iconic landmarks at each of your different city offices, or you could include images of your office interior – good for brands with cool office décor.

Whatever you choose to use on your contact page, ensure they are optimised with ALT attribute tagging.

Phone Number

Is the phone number set as “click to call” on mobile devices? A simple thing to include but will make all the difference to a user wanting to call on the go. Making life simple for a user will improve your user experience and consequently, your organic performance.

Again, this is some simple HTML code that needs to be applied to the phone number.

Service Page Links

Links back to your service pages enable quick reference of what you do and why the user should get in contact. The text in your contact page can of course highlight your business USPs, but providing a quick check of your services and reduces the chance of users going back around the houses to find information. Just remember to set your links to open in new tabs!

For more information on how to optimise your contact us page or any other page of your site, get in touch with the Whitefish Marketing Team. We are a Folkestone based digital marketing agency, servicing the Kent and South-East, offering a range of online marketing services from SEOPPCwebsite development and social media management.

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