Ranking and Traffic Changes

Google is now notifying users of any substantial changes to rankings and traffic in a new alert via Google Search Console, and it’s mighty useful!

Those who already use Google Search Console will know how useful it is in helping web owners to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot their site’s health. These new alerts join a host of other helpful alerts such as number of indexed pages, indexing errors and security issues and are a step towards improving the product offering, so web owners can be more pragmatic about improving their site’s online presence.

The New Alerts Explained

Looking at week-by-week data, Google Search Console measures clicks, traffic and rankings, notifying you if there is a sizeable increase or decrease that could impact performances with an alert. This alert also includes data on likely causes, such as reduction in clicks for a specific keyword, so you can target your focus.

How Does It Work?

Using the performance report, GSC uses algorithms to detect fluctuations. Alerts are sent to anyone who has verified access to that property (property being website).

What Causes a Drop in Clicks?

Generally, this is likely to be as a result of a sudden change in Google rank position. Your web page’s rank will always fluctuate on a day to day basis, usually by a few positions here and there, but significant changes could indicate a sizeable reason. If there is a noticeable improvement, it could mean something involving your content is trending. If there’s a big decline, it could mean a technical issue that needs addressing.

Why Are These Alerts Important?

Significant changes in rankings, clicks and traffic are entirely accessible via Google Analytics, but it relies on you manually checking this data, which not all businesses remember to do. As an agency, we run a monthly performance report for our clients, but the introduction of these new alerts means we can be more pragmatic at detecting and fixing issues that could seriously hinder a site’s performance.

How Do I Fix Issues?

You can use Google Search Console to identify the pages and keywords that are affected. It will highlight the key areas and suggest the appropriate fixes, which you can do via the software. If the trigger is external, such as a sudden increase in position due to a trending topic, it will be harder to identify this and may require a more investigative approach off-site, but anything related to indexing and crawling will be raised in the search analytics report. If there has been a negative change, there will most likely be a technical warning on Google Search Console, which you can fix there and then.

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