Checking for Plagiarism in your Content

Checking plagiarism is of utmost importance because duplicate content never ranks high in the search results. If you know a thing or two about offline publishing, you know that duplicate content is a problem in offline publishing too. Before you publish your content, you must make sure that it is unique.

Plagiarism is the practice of stealing someone else’s text. This is bad not only ethically but also from the SEO perspective. Google and other search engines are very strict about plagiarism, and the actions taken by the search engines can result in unexpected consequences. Numerous websites have been scrapped due to the allegations of plagiarism.

Whether you are into online or offline plagiarism, you must avoid plagiarism. If you are a writer, you will risk your reputation by indulging in this practice. A plagiarism checker can make things a lot easier for you. You can use an online plagiarism checker to make sure that the text is unique. Here are top 5 free duplicate content checkers:

1. Grammarly

duplicate contentGrammarly is another great tool for checking the originality of content. Numerous bloggers and publishers all over the world use this tool with great satisfaction. Many students also rely on this plagiarism checker. Grammarly is, in fact, a browser extension tool and it catches errors when you create content.

To find the percentage of plagiarism, you just need to run the content through this tool. You get the results in just a few seconds. But it is important to note that an online plagiarism checker is yet to replace a human editor. Sometimes, even if you do not refer to other articles to write an article, the program will indicate duplication.

For example, if a sentence is repeated multiple times in the text, the program identifies it as a problem. You have to either change the sentence or skip it. But we should take this feature positively because we often unintentionally repeat sentences when we write.

There are two possible solutions to this problem: you can either go ahead or change the sentences. In spite of this seeming drawback, Grammarly is among the most well-known online content checkers.

2. DupliChecker

duplicate contentThis is an online plagiarism checker that allows you to check content for free. With this fairly accurate tool, up to 1000 words can be checked at a time. When it comes to checking your text, you have basically two options. You can either paste your text or upload it. Once you have pasted or uploaded the content, you just need to click the checker button.

The tool is very easy to use, and it shows results in just a few seconds. The site recommends you get registered, and registered users enjoy some additional features. The registration is free, and you can check your content up to 50 times in 24 hours. As a content checker tool, DupliChecker is getting popular day by day.

The tool is free and does a decent job. Although DupliChecker is not the best content checker tool out there, you can rely on the results provided by the tool.

3. Duplicate content checker from Studyhippo

duplicate content

 StudyHippo is one of the best free content checkers out there. The tool is an amazing creation of modern technology. People all over the world are using this intelligent tool to analyze numerous documents every day. It is very easy to use, almost intuitive. The designer of this plagiarism checker conducted extensive research before implementing this tool.

If other content checkers have disappointed you, we strongly recommend StudyHippo. It is not always a good idea to pay attention to what other users say about a service, because the reviews are often superfluous. You can follow this duplicate content checker link and see for yourself what type of service StudyHippo really offers. Many professional content writers stick to this tool, and they rightly do so.

StudyHippo knows what students and writing professionals expect, and this tool is a reflection of this expectation. If you have tried several plagiarism checkers and you are still not satisfied, we strongly recommend the plagiarism checker of StudyHippo.

The tool has a very user-friendly interface. You just need to paste or upload the content and click “CHECK MY ESSAY” button. You will get the results in seconds. Within these few seconds, the text is carefully run through countless websites and numerous databases. The system examines every sentence, phrase and word.

The tool lets you know how much of your work is unique and how much of it is plagiarized. Before you publish your content, you further work on it and make it 100% unique. The best thing about this plagiarism checker is that it is completely free.

4. EduBirdie

duplicate content

You can try EduBirdie if you are looking for an easy-to-use content checker. The site itself is known for providing professionally written academic papers. There are very few companies that offer such high-quality writing services.

Students who are too busy to focus on their academic papers often hire professional writers from EduBirdie. By handling your assignments professionally, the experienced writers of EduBirdie can make your life a lot easier.

Apart from the writing services, EduBirdie has a very powerful plagiarism checker tool. Most users report that the service provided by this plagiarism checker is satisfactory.

Outsourcing your writing assignments has some disadvantages, and one of them is plagiarism. By using the content checker of EduBirdie, you can be sure that the content is really unique. This is why students who use writing services must use reliable content checker.

The tool is very easy to use. You just need to paste the content. The results will appear in just a few seconds. The results will show you how much of the pasted content is unique and how much of it is plagiarized.

5. Copyscape

duplicate contentOne of the most well-known online content checkers, Copyscape offers both free and premium services. In recent years, Copyscape has become very popular with professional writers. With a track record of offering quality services, Copyscape has emerged as a reliable plagiarism checker tool.

If your content is copied by anyone, this tool will help you detect it. You can copy and paste the text in the box, or you can use the URL. The URL section allows you to put the URL of your post. The system will show similar content pages as well as detailed results.

Copyscape offers both free and premium services, and the premium service is better than free service. Many writing agencies now rely on Copyscape Premium.

Before you publish your content, you must check it for originality. The five tools mentioned above are among the best. If you are in need of a content checker, these tools will not disappoint you.

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