Online Marketing Tips for Accountants

If you’re reading this post then the chances are, you are either looking to start marketing your accounting business online, or you’re looking to improve your existing digital marketing performance. Either way, here are some helpful answers to some of the most popular questions we are asked by our accountancy clients.

What is the best approach to grow my client base from scratch?

Building a client list is vital, if you want to grow your business. In order to build a client base, you need to understand your potential clients’ needs so that you can connect them up with the services you offer. It’s better to focus on one service that you are really good at and start with that. Let’s say that’s payroll.

Establish what target markets are most in need of your payroll services, for example start-ups or small businesses. These types of businesses might have an absence of a payroll or accounts departments. Make a list of target businesses and find out where they are most active online, for example, on Linkedin. Connect with them or join the same industry groups as them.

Try some indirect B2B marketing by giving away some free payroll advice and use Linkedin to promote this. For a more aggressive approach, you can search for key decision makers within each business and connect personally with them, to introduce your company and services.

How can I increase revenue from my existing client base?

According to Sage, understanding your customers’ needs can lead to better insights into your audience and allows you to develop services that are matched to your clients’ needs. Getting these insights is key to having the advantage over competitors. You can assess consumer demand and current availability in the market and then up the stakes.

You can get insights from encouraging customer feedback and reviews. Not only is user generated content good for business development, it will also help your online performance, if you publish it online and adequately manage any poor reviews.

How do I establish an online presence for my accounting practice?

You can use a multitude of digital marketing channels to promote your brand, but you don’t want to run before you can walk. The first step is getting a decent website that clearly conveys who you are, your value proposition and your USPs. That’s where good web design comes into play.

Your website should consider striking a healthy balance between corporate look and personal feel. It should have your correct branding, including logos, brand style and an up to date list of services. It should also clearly display your certifications and accreditations. Nailing the corporate look will instil trust and confidence among your clients and potential clients. For a personal feel, show who you are as a team and what your personal and leadership opinions are in the accounting industry. A warm team page and an engaging blog will go along way towards achieving this. As will a voice of authority.

How do I educate my clients about my accounting services?

This comes down to decent content marketing. If you refer to last blog, titled Maximise your content marketing efforts without breaking the bank, we discussed how you need to apply a formula to your content marketing strategy, that involves conveying your brand’s value proposition and USPs, creating content types that engage your audience and consistently churning out a high volume of content.

You can educate clients on your accounting services by having a section on your website depicting your services and why clients should choose yours. Explain how these services solve a client need and why you stand our ahead of your competitors. Ensure the page is adequately optimised for web search.

You can promote new product or service launches via press releases, blogs or launch campaigns, that can be published on social media, or via PPC or email marketing.

Which online channels can I use to attract new clients to my accounting firm?

SEO is a fundamental in any digital marketing strategy and is considered your base layer. With a bit of know-how, it’s relatively inexpensive to optimise your site for the terms you want to target. Ensure you have a list of all the keywords that are relevant to your business. Aim to target each page with an individual keyword, to maximise land potential from Google search. Do your best to grow credible links back to your key pages from external websites. Aim for links from industry sources, such as x.

PPC is an effective form of display advertising. Ads appear at the top and bottom of the Google results pages. Granted, you do pay for each click, but you can set a budget and a cost per click (CPC) and you can bid on the keywords you want to target.

Social media marketing is a great way of showcasing your brand’s personality. You can target potential customers via social media ads. They are relatively inexpensive but very effective. If you’re growing followers organically, you can join groups and post tips or free advice. Alternatively, you can follow others and encourage them to follow you back. Once you have followers, you essentially have a captive audience to market to

How do I analyse my marketing stats for future development?

The only way to tell if your marketing channels are effective is by testing and measuring. You will no doubt have an expectation over KPIs and you should aim to have a monthly KPI report to track your progress. It’s important to know what mediums work, and what areas of the business are generating enquiries for you.

If you haven’t done so already, you should set up Google Analytics on your website. Google Analytics tracks and reports your website traffic and provides data on user behaviour. Its intuitive reporting system makes it easy to download the data and populate your KPI reports with ease.

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