Google’s New Activity Card Feature

Our search history is important data for Google in terms of machine learning and profiling users to understand more about their interests and search needs. But this information has not been used to assist the public…until now.

Ok, so the concept of seeing your search history is not new. Anyone can access this in their browser settings, but this new feature for Google, called Your Related Activity, allows users to revisit previous searches about a particular topic. Its purpose is to provide a quick reference to search history, for those who didn’t quite finish their research or want to recall something they looked for on Google.

Available only to signed in Google users, Your Related Activity is displayed only to the user in the form of what’s called an Activity Card. Each Activity Card will contain searches a user has conducted around a particular topic. Essentially searches will be grouped by that topic.

How to Use Activity Cards 

The Activity Card will present you with pages you’ve visited from your search history and the searches that lead to you visiting those pages. If you visit a website and want to read the page later, you can mark it and add it to an Activity Card, by touching and holding the link (mobile only). This forms collections – to put it simply, a library of information that is sectioned by topics that are of interest to you.

When Will Your Related Activity Be Available?

Currently this is being rolled out in the US on mobile, but it’s due for release in the UK later this year. It is currently unknown if there will be a desktop version yet.

Why Is This Important for Businesses? 

By referencing content quickly in this way, users can quickly return to pages they like. This could lead to more repeat visits to your website, from past Google searches. Google has not commented on whether or not this will be an SEO rank signal going forward, but we all desire to know!

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