Google Algorithm Update

The digital marketing industry has been rife with speculation that Google was planning an imminent algorithm update and this week they confirmed it. So what’s all it about?

Over the weekend Google rolled out a search engine ranking update and although they confirmed this news after it went live, they claim it’s a set of updates similar to what they might push out in a regular week.

SEO tracking tools like SEMRush and MozCast support this claim as there was no obvious turbulence reported, however some websites have been seeing a 30%-50% change to rankings and traffic, encompassing both increases and decrease. This prompts the question, was the update more significant than Google are letting on?

Historically Google tends to pre-announce a major update that results in that sort of impact on the SERPs but it hasn’t done so with this. If what Google is saying is true, and this would certainly be supported by what the tracking tools are reporting, then it raises a few concerns as to why some sites have been so significantly affected.

What does Google have to say?

In honesty they’ve not really said anything new. Google’s blog makes reference to the fact that these sorts of updates are merely reminder of why they give specific guidance on search engine optimisation, in terms of white hat SEO techniques. They reference an old post from 2018 stating: ‘sometimes, a particular update might be broadly noticeable. We share about those when we feel there is actionable guidance for content owners. For example, when our Speed Update happened, we gave months of advanced notice and advice’.

It goes on to say ‘broad core updates are often broadly noticeable. That’s why we have shared about them since last year and even preannounce them, plus provide the actionable guidance that there’s often nothing to “fix” and emphasize instead having great content’.

Seems like a bit of a caveat here in that this previous warning applies to anything they are doing. But he message seems clear, if you’re doing everything by the book in accordance with Google’s best practice and producing great content, you should be blissfully unaware of updates going on in the background because they are simply tweaks on the algorithms you already know. As for the websites seeing noticeable ripples since the weekend, it leaves us somewhat chomping at the bit for more information.

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