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Google Analytics

Successful digital marketing is driven by results. Whether it’s through leads converted or revenue generated, being able to discern data on the effectiveness of your work is essential. With Google Analytics, gauging precisely how well your website is working and feeding into your overall business strategy is simplified. But only if you know what you’re looking for.

As Google Analytics experts and being Google Qualified, the digital marketing team at Whitefish Marketing has the expertise that is required to help you interpret the data you need to drive success. We’ll be able to help you identify a number of key metrics that demonstrate where successes have been achieved and where work needs to be done.

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Whitefish Marketing has many years’ experience working with Google Analytics, keeping abreast of the system as it has evolved and continuing to develop our knowledge through best practice use. As such, you can be confident that, once you provide access to your Analytics data, we’ll be able to analyse the numbers in a way that is tailored to boost results.

Aside from simply identifying the key traffic information of your website – such as page views, unique visitors, bounce rates, etc. – we’ll drill down into the information further to enlightenyou on what works and what doesn’t. We’ll analyse referral paths and customer journeys, establish goals and track events, and even produce reports that highlight the performance of your KPIs from one month to the next.

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Our digital marketing services have been designed to complement your online activity and help deliver greater levels of success. When it comes to Google Analytics, we will help guide you through the core elements that you need to understand, and work hard to identify areas of notable achievement and development according to your needs. Maintaining a clear view of how your website performs can make or breaks its success, so work alongside our Google Qualified team to ensure the very best business intelligence.

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