4 good reasons why websites need to focus their SEO attention locally first


#1 - Why local SEO benefits your business

With many companies fighting for visibility on the web, getting noticed is of paramount importance but by no means easy. Thankfully, local SEO allows search engines such as Google to provide the most relevant information and results to web users, based on their current geographic location. This can be extremely helpful for small businesses, as appearing in relevant searches means you can quickly build a location-specific customer base from which to grow.

#2 - Reduced competition at a local level

There are millions of businesses out there, but not all are convenient or relevant to potential clients. When looking for products that need close inspection, customers will always value having something nearby that they can obtain without travelling or waiting for delivery.  Localised SEO is highly relevant for any bricks and mortar business.  By optimising your local SEO to appear in relevant listings, you are able to make it possible to target those customers in your local area that may be in search of your services. For smaller companies, this means the competition for finding customers is significantly reduced, as targeting a niche market will always prove more effective than a scattergun approach.

#3 - Regular clients  

Many companies rely on repeat and regular clients to keep things ticking over and to develop a reputation for quality service. That’s why it’s important to attract those in your local area via clever marketing strategies and local SEO. Submitting your site to Google Places is a must as it’ll give you an online presence whether you’ve a website or not. Moreover, Google My Business will connect you directly with customers and help the local community find you via Search, Maps or Google+. Google+ Local will also enable clients to rate and review your business, helping bring your company into the online social sphere. Maintain high standards, build a glowing reputation, and you will find people come back for more and recommend you to others.

#4 - Visibility via apps

List your company directly via Google’s services and multiple web directories and you will find you rank well not only via search engines but also location-based apps. Many people use their phones, iPads and other devices to find such services as restaurants, taxi companies, etc., so ensure you web page is well optimised and listed correctly for optimum visibility. If the app has Google Maps functionality and you’re appropriately listed on this search engine, customers will also be able to do virtual street walks and navigate their way to your business easily.

Whether you’re a start-up company or a well-established small business looking to increase your turnover and build your reputation, targeting the local community is a must. Pleasing the locals and building a loyal client base is key to growth and success, so use local SEO to your advantage and help your company flourish.

4 reasons to focus on local SEO first
Article Name
4 reasons to focus on local SEO first
Learn to crawl before you learn to walk. Small businesses are often blinded on how to reach customers on the other side of the world, that they forget to focus locally for immediate wins. This article shows you why you should look to your immediate audiences first.

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