2019 Online Marketing Trends

2018 was an eventful year in the digital marketing world. We saw video marketing develop significantly and the evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, what’s the scoop on 2019?

Well, it looks like artificial intelligence will be a strong feature, with lots of focus on sub-services that fall under the machine learning umbrella. Unsurprisingly things are continuing to become more automated as we explore the real potential AI has in digital marketing.

Like any forward-thinking digital marketing agency, we are eternally keen to know what the future areas of focus will be, so that we can integrate these areas into our clients’ digital marketing strategies. It’s important for us to keep our finger on the pulse so that we can ensure our clients remain competitive. This means us expertly analysing our own data trends, to form predictions and then merging this data with announcements on technological developments and stats, to form a clear understanding of the direction we are moving in.

So, what trends should we be looking out for in 2019?

Artificial Intelligence

Forbes recently reported that AI had played a key role in the advancement of digital marketing in 2018, with companies finding all sorts of creative ways to automate processes and streamline productivity. But they believe we have only really just scratched the surface with AI. The possibilities with this technology are endless and are incredibly exciting, although not without scepticism. We run a great risk of making manpower redundant if we fully embrace an automated world, which would increase unemployment rates.

Streamlining doesn’t necessarily have to mean the replacement of a workforce. If tasks can be sped up to be made more efficient and cost-effective, staff are freed up to do greater things to improve their business. In effect, we could be moving towards creating super workforces, where the combination of AI and manpower work in harmony, to maximise productivity, performance and profit.

More and more businesses are turning to AI and this is expected to increase over the coming years. Customer data platforms are being designed, to intelligently analyse and segment user information. Contextual marketing campaigns are being cleverly developed from this user data, to create highly personalise marketing messages, for a higher conversion rate.

With AI becoming increasingly ingrained in business’s digital marketing strategies, it’s going to raise the bar and make this arena much more competitive when it comes to marketing messages. More personalised messages will have greater appeal, making the old hat style even harder to convert.

Voice Search

Again, this falls under the AI and machine learning bracket, but voice search is going to be a big one to watch in 2019.

Audio services and smart speakers have been around for some time now, with Alexa and Siri now firm household names…some might even say family members.But like AI, we have only really scratched the surface with its capabilities.

Many households have embraced conversation-based buying, using digital assistants to order products directly to your door. This has led to more companies making their online buying process more intelligent and user friendly and this will continue to develop. Gartner predicts that 30 per cent of all web browsing sessions will be made by voice-activated searches by 2020.

An area where businesses are still failing to capitalise on is voice-based search engine optimisation. Conversational based search queries are on the rise, yet many businesses are still optimising around short-tail keywords. Forbes suggests that more businesses should be optimising their sites for voice search, tailoring content for long-tail searches. A great way to do this is to have a Q&A section, where popular questions about your industry are listed – with answers that are well researched and well linked.

Blogs also help to cover conversation-based search queries. Blogs can be created around commonly asked questions. For example, a travel company might want to write a blog titled, ‘What Are the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches?’ (a popular travel industry question) and then link to holiday packages at nearby resorts within the content, to indirectly help product conversion.

Progressive web apps (PWA)

According to Growth Business, mobile marketing is going to soon see some big developments, with the introduction of PWA. This is a new type of software that installs web apps on your phone, but not like the apps we are used to. These are hybrid versions of a web-page and mobile app, which effectively allow you to save a web-page to your homepage.

The advantages of PWA are that you can access the content offline. They also take up much less space, which encourages more downloads and is beneficial for those with smaller gigabyte limits on their phones. Furthermore, they are much faster loading than websites, with the ability to minimise bounce rates. A positive tick for SEO.

A recent report by Google and PayPal predicted that two-thirds of UK e-commerce purchases will come via a smartphone in 2020. PWA is a huge step towards making this process much more streamlined, with an app that looks like a webpage, behaves like a mobile app and has the functionality of a bookmark. What’s not to love?

With new technology, there often comes a sense of fear – not just of change, but also of the unknown. A lot of the questions that businesses owners have, include things like; ‘How much will these developments cost me?’, ‘Will they work?’ and‘Who should I get to build these functions?’. Most developers are ahead of the game when it comes to new technologies, having been reading about them long before they were released, so finding a developer isn’t the issue, it’s choosing one that you are happy with.

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