The importance of social media in business

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you’ll know that Facebook is facing a landslide of criticism over its failure to properly protect users’ data, leading to some 87 million profiles being shared with Cambridge Analytica.

In a dramatic response, several leading firms – including Sonos and Mozilla – announced the cessation of their ad campaigns on the social media platform. Meanwhile, Elon Musk removed the pages for his Tesla and SpaceX businesses as part of a Twitter challenge. But is this a good reason to follow suit? Sure, you’d be making a clear statement in the short term, but it could put your marketing efforts at risk.

Learn the lessons

Instead of making a move that could prove both impractical and costly, it may be wiser simply to learn the lessons thrown up by the Facebook scandal. For example, if you have relied solely on Facebook for your advertising to date, now is the time to diversify and look at other platforms on which you can place your messages.

Sure, Facebook is one of the cheaper options and proves popular for that reason, but promoting your content across a range of platforms will increase your online presence and tap into different demographics. It also means that should you be unhappy with the conduct of one of the suppliers, you can upweight spend elsewhere with ease.

Similarly with video broadcast, it may be time to look at streaming your video content on smaller or lesser-known platforms instead of handing all your cash to the tech giants. Look at Twitch, and Stream Time as options that promote creative content and offer a little more flexibility when it comes to broadcasting online.

Don’t just ditch Facebook

Being proactive about your social media marketing, supporting some of the smaller acts and ensuring you’re smart about how and where you put your content is one thing. But don’t simply ditch Facebook because a lot of people are angry at them.

A recent (albeit small) survey suggests that around 9% of Americans deleted their accounts following the scandal, but with over 2.2 billion monthly active Facebook users, there’s still the potential to reach an astonishing number of people. We’re not excusing the social media giant, but we are saying there’s still value in having your brand seen there.

What’s more, small businesses in particular may have worked hard to create a following and build up a relationship with their audience on Facebook. This, you will probably know, can take months or even years. To simply pull the plug may not only be to throw away patient, hard work, but also to lose a valuable source of information that represents a portion of your customer base.

If you have healthy interaction with your followers, the content they like, comment upon and share is a good tool for identifying their needs and wants, which in turn can help you evolve your products and services. So you may want to think twice about deleting all that information.

Social media services

If you’d like some advice on where to go with your social media following the Facebook scandal, contact Whitefish Marketing. As an award-winning agency, we help a range of businesses with their digital marketing strategy and execution. Contact us today for help.


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