Why Facebook is Seeing a Downward Trend

While Facebook continues to grow in terms of financials, there is an increasing concern that the social media giant is actually declining in terms of usage and engagement. Here are 4 reasons why Facebook is experiencing a downward trend and what this means for your brand.

  1. GDPR

On 25th May the general data protection regulation strengthened its data policy to improve protection and data rights of individuals living in the EU. Companies like Facebook and Google came under scrutiny for processing the personal data for targeted advertising. They risked facing huge penalties for data breaches, with fines of up to four per cent of global annual revenue. This forced them to make significant changes to their privacy settings and command a higher standard of consent. The effect of this is a disruption to the efficiency of their ads.

  1. A decline in engagement

Facebook recently reported that engagement has dropped by 50 million hours a day, indicating that social media addiction does in fact level off and, in is at risk of seeing a downward trend. In short addiction does not infinitely continue to grow. If the user experience does not engage users as it once did, then usage suffers. The Facebook news-feed seems to be at the root of this decline in engagement.

  1. Fake news

Remember the ho-har surrounding the US presidential elections? Fake news on Facebook was said to have greatly influenced people’s decisions on who to vote for. This new age digital propaganda is a growing concern and has made its users very wary on what information is trustworthy. There is a sense among social media users, that they are being manipulated via major platforms like Facebook.

  1. Less users

Facebook reported that there has been a decline in daily active users – this may only be marginal, adrop from a million users in Canada for example but having experienced consistent growth in number of users previously, this change in pattern for Facebook marks the start of a new trend.This has not been helped by the Facebook spying app.

What does this mean for your business?

According to Slideshare.net, clicks on Facebook advertising have taken a bit of a dive, with a 20% drop in ad interactions. This means that Facebook ads may not be as an effective a platform as it once was for lead generation. And with new advertising platforms becoming available, this is seriously diluting this avenue.

But lower engagement does not necessarily mean less-effective ads. While you may see a decline in leads from Facebook, there should be minimal change to conversion rate. Our advice would be to keep your advertising options open and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Keep measuring the successes of your channels and don’t be afraid to make changes.

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