Local SEO and Citations

As more and more businesses become digitally savvy, it’s important to ensure you’re SEO strategy is ticking all the right boxes in terms of local search. A whopping 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information and with 76% of smart speaker users performing local voice searches at least weekly, it makes perfect sense to understand and manage local SEO content and citations.

Need a bit of extra guidance? Then read on.

What is a local search query and why does it matter?

When someone makes a search with local intent, they are looking for a specific product or service in a certain region. Examples include ‘SEO agency Kent’ or ‘book binders near me’. If you’ve not tailored your content for local searches then you could be missing out on a significant audience as Google is likely to bypass your website for another that includes all the relevant keywords. Obviously, that’s not what you want. So how can you make sure you’re always ranking for those key terms?

Take a close look at citations

If you want to improve SEO for local search, you have to look closely at local citations. This is any digital reference to your business in relation to a particular location. Ideally your industry sector should be mentioned as well. Being listed in an online directory such as Yell under content marketing for the geographical area of Kent, for instance, gives Google the best chance of finding you for a search query made with local intent. It sounds simple, but a lot of companies aren’t taking these easy steps.

Set up a Google My Business account

Citations help with local SEO significantly, but you have to give yourself the best chance of being seen among a sea of competitors  Local search results are commonly made up of the Google My Business map and directory, so setting up a business account and making sure all your details are correct is a great place to start. If you offer SEO services in Kent, for instance, it’s important to enter your exact business name, address, service area, business category and telephone number.

Being consistent with local citations is really important as keeping your name, address and phone number the same will send a strong trust signal to Google. Essentially, Google needs to know that you exist in the location you say you exist and provide the services you say you do, so the search engine can provide the very best information to consumers. The smallest of details should be taken into consideration. For instance, if you write ‘Limited’ out in full on your website, don’t shorten it to ‘LTD’ on your Google My Business page as this could reduce your credibility.

Where else can I find local citations?

With a clever local search strategy, your business could be mentioned across the web from Chamber of Commerce websites to local and regional websites. Creating blogs and PRs that include a local citation is also a great way to spread brand awareness.

If you’d like any help with local SEO, contact Whitefish Marketing today. As a digital marketing agency Kent offering SEO services Kent, you’ll get expert advice to enhance your strategy.

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