Is it Worth Outsourcing Digital Marketing?

Search marketing, such as SEO and PPC can have huge advantages for businesses, which makes it a critical part of your digital marketing strategy. But confidence is something that many lack, prompting the familiar question: ‘should I outsource my search marketing’.

There is no right or wrong answer here and even though we are perhaps slightly more biased in this debate, given that we are a digital marketing agency, the truth is, most benefit from some form of hand-holding with SEO and PPC as they are difficult skills to master.

At Whitefish Marketing in Kent, we talk to companies with a range of backgrounds in digital marketing. Some just want a bit of advice to get going independently, whereas some want to outsource their search marketing entirely.

If you are considering outsourcing to an agency, here’s a pros and cons list that will help you to decide.

The pros of handling search marketing in-house


No-one knows your business better than you. You understand your company offering and its associated USPs, your brand objectives and your sales patterns.Aside the technical skill required to execute the bones of a search marketing campaign, you have first-hand experience of the meat that goes on those bones.

No agency contracts

You won’t be tied in to an agency contract for management of your search marketing. If you undertake search marketing in-house and suddenly need the resources of those people on other projects, you have the flexibility to make changes. However, do be aware that an activity like PPC does need constant management for the duration of the campaign running time. Dropping it like a hot potato is likely to affect your search visibility and your online performance.

The pros of outsourcing your search marketing


Whether you go with a search marketing agency, or full service digital marketing agency, they will know their trade. It’s what they do day in, day out and the winning of clients and well as the retention of clients depends upon results – real life stats on what they have achieved. Don’t be scared to ask for case studies when choosing the right agency.


Granted, businesses have more flexibility over the cost of search marketing when handling this in-house, however the work of an agency is based on agreed SLAs that cover your ROI goals, which means that outsourcing to an agency often provides a better value for money option.

Add to this the fact that handling in-house means funding any ongoing staff training (N.B. SEO is a fast-evolving practice which requires those who undertake its activity to be constantly up to speed). An agency won’t pass these costs on and in some cases, may even provide training to assist their clients in understanding search engine marketing better.

Whether you choose to handle your search marketing in-house or outsource it to an agency, there will be pros and cons to consider, but it comes down to you level of expertise, your budget and your objectives.

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