How to start converting your online leads for your accountancy firm

If you’re following a digital marketing strategy at your accountancy firm, then you should be generating leads at the very least. But how do you turn those leads into potential customers? Here are a few tricks that you can do online, to give yourself the best chance at converting your leads.

Leads as you know, take time and effort to convert. Just because they are through the door, doesn’t mean they will stay for a cup of tea. You need to prove why your brand is worth them investing in. This is particularly true of the financial industry, where you will be dealing with sensitive information about a business’s accounts.

The first thing to do is to put yourself in the mindset of a potential customer. Imagine it’s you. You’re a start up with a year’s worth of accounts and you need an accountant to come in and provide services in management accounting and VAT returns. You’re naturally sceptical about online traps, that seek to get your financial information, so you want to find a legitimate company that’s not going to exploit you. Upon researching and finding a few potential companies, you ask yourself the following questions for each one:

  1. Who are they?
  2. Can they be trusted?
  3. Do they have the right expertise?

Now let’s flip back to the mindset of an accountancy firm and take each of these questions in turn. Here’s what you can do to firefight each:

Who are they?

Brand awareness is important, to instil trust. A more recognised brand does have the edge here, but they all started somewhere, so it’s about building that awareness in your digital activity. One way to do this, is to make sure you are known locally first. Is your business ranking in your local area for accountancy services? If not, your site may need reoptimizing for localised SEO terms, so you always pop up when people search for accountancy services in the area you cover.

To help with localised SEO, you should also ensure your business is listed on as many citations as possible. Citations are listings sites for local businesses. Be sure to list yourselves on these and keep your name, address and phone number information consistent across all platforms.

Can they be trusted?

Testimonials are a great way to showcase your quality of service. Aim to include testimonials from companies that people recognise and always use an image of the person quoting, to give them more authenticity.

What people say about you away from your site is even more powerful. Some citations such as Google My Business have a section for customer reviews. Ask your existing customers to complete reviews on the citations you are listed on.

Social media is also a good platform for people to discuss your brand. Utilise your social media profiles to post about free advice, useful tools and interesting campaigns to get people talking, sharing and commenting.

Do they have the right expertise?

Why wait for a customer to convert before you show them what you can do? Be proactive. Set up a learning platform on your site where potential customers can sign up and get free advice or skills-based learning via a webinar like Go To. Not only do potential customers like getting things for free, you also get to capture the client’s information as a strong lead.

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