How to Optimise your PPC Landing Pages

The number of businesses now incorporating PPC into their digital marketing strategies has risen over the past few years. However, many of these are finding it frustrating that they are not getting the return on investment they expected. Why? Well it’s a simple case of poorly optimised landing pages.

As PPC specialists, here’s a guide to tried and tested PPC specialists that will help to improve your landing page experience, which will improve your ad rank and consequently your ad position.

Relevance is Key

It may sound like a no brainer, but the content you write for your PPC landing pages must be relevant to the keywords you are bidding on. If you want to drive traffic through to the page for a particular keyword, then visitors expect to see evidence of that keyword and their understanding of the meaning of that keyword.Visitors who see irrelevant content bounce off the page, costing you a wasted click and increasing the CPC, meaning your ad will struggle to achieve a decent position.

Getting this right from the start is really important as it’s hard to improve the ad position and ad rank once the landing page experience is marked down and it can time to build this back up.

If you have a number of different keywords relating to a generic service or product, then having a different landing page for each keyword is a good way around this. For example, if your website sells shoes then have a page dedicated to women’s shoes and a page for men’s shoes. You can make this even more relevant by having PPC pages for women’s trainers, women’s boots, men’s trainers, men’s boots etc.

Have A Clear CTA

If you’ve managed to get a potential customer to click your ad and arrive at your landing page and decide the content is relevant, then that’s great. But that’s not enough to turn them into a paying customer. You need a call to action to encourage them to engage.

Having a clear call to action will not only improve your chances of generating conversions, it’ll also help with improving your keyword quality, which will result in lower CPCs and better ad positions.

Know Your Audience

It’s important to consider your audience when your write your PPC landing page content. Writing generically might seem like you are trying to target a wider audience, but it won’t resonate with people and it will lead to a poor conversion rate and a high bounce rate. The thing to bear in mind when writing content is to understand what need your target customer has and how your product solves that need.

Keep it Simple

Too much information is overkill. You want to be clear, concise and confident.Give a clear title as to what your product is, concisely convey what need it solves and confidently state why your company has the edge. Incorporate the keywords you have targeted (which should be in your PPC landing page content) and include a simple call to action, such as call today, get in touch or find out more.

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