Let’s face it, we should all have some experience of social media in this day and age, whether it be just for personal use or for marketing your business. Most of us understand which networks are best for different objectives and how to operate the functions of those networks. But how do we know if we are using social media to its full potential within your digital marketing strategy? Sure, you understand that content is key, but are you creating engaging social media content for your target audience?

Incorporating social media marketing into your digital activity is easy. Measuring the success of it is the hard part. Whether your goal is to increase traffic, grow revenue or simply raise brand awareness, you need to quantify your efforts to understand your ROI.

Starting with a clear objective in mind is key and establishing what effort level you can commit to each week is key in determining this, but in order to benchmark your return, you need to utilise analytics tools.

Measuring Social Media Engagement

There are a number of social media analytics tools out there, both free and fee based. Most social networks have their own built in analytics, such as Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and Pinterest Analytics. These offer a basic analytics platform to track a range of basic metrics, such as impressions, mentions, visits and engagement

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