The Online Marketing News Round Up

As we near the end of the year, we look back on the poignant moments in digital marketing, that shaped 2018.

Predictions made at the end of 2017 suggested that the big areas to watch over the year ahead were video marketing, artificial intelligence and automated behaviour. Were we right? Yes, we were.

2018 has seen some notable developments to all 3 areas and we expect each of them to evolve even further as machine learning becomes more and more sophisticated, rendering it an integral component in the future of digital marketing.

Video Marketing

According to Forbes, video marketing is currently the leading way to reach people online today. Back in June, Instagram added long form videos, to increase the length of video content users can post. Before that, videos had been capped at just x seconds. On video platform YouTube, over 500 million hours are now viewed daily.

Forbes also released some interesting stats that prove that video marketing is a critical medium. By 2021, 17,000 hours of video content will cross global IP networks every second. It may be a surprise to learn that users currently spend 88% more time on websites with video content. That’s pretty significant.

More and more businesses turned to video marketing this year in a bid to convey their marketing messages in a more dynamic and innovative way and we expect this to increase further in 2019.


Artificial Intelligence – love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. It’s revolutionised digital marketing, taking a lot of time and resources away from manual data analysis, enabling companies to be more streamlined and efficient.

There have been some great technological advances in AI in our industry, with digital agencies developing bots that learn how to build high performing websites and others developed to create automated workflows in order to design unique marketing messages to specific target audiences.

Search results on Chrome and Google Search are now even more personalised, based on data analysis about YOU as a unique user, as well trending topics. Marketers have spent time this year learning how to aggregate these trending topics, by writing associated content.

Automated Behaviour

Consumer behaviour is changing. Now people spend more time online, but they want their experiences to be more personalised. Through AI and machine learning, we now know more about consumers to enable us to create ad campaigns that really resonate with the people looking at them.

This year there has been a shift away from traditional marketing, where we try and interrupt our audience with sales messages. We are instead offering high-quality content that is personalised, based on consumer data via sophisticated consumer data platforms.

Contextual marketing is a very new practice that seeks to further personalisation by understanding user mood, real-time location and certain types of online behaviour. It’s costly and few companies have yet to execute it successfully, but we expect this to be a growing trend over the coming months.

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