SEO Content Writing Tips

One thing many businesses will have in common in the lack of time. If you are handling your content marketing in house, here are some trusty tips to minimise the time spent maximising your SEO opportunities.

  1. Less is often more

Don’t write with the idea you need a certain word count for your content to be picked up by search engines. Writing large amounts of content doesn’t give you a greater chance of ranking. Think quality over quantity. Search engines are looking for content that best answers a user’s query. If you are to focus on quality then it should relate to whether you have said enough to answer a particular query that the user might have.

  1. Don’t just focus on blogs

Yes, blogs are a great way to land traffic for key phrases about your products or services that your website may not answer, but it should not be the sole content focus for SEO. It’s one part of the content picture – optimising around longer tail keywords at the top of the funnel. You still need to focus on content strategy across the board, particularly relating to product and service pages that best describe what you do.

  1. Write your content to answer questions

Don’t waste precious time and content resources writing to a scattergun approach. Your content needs to serve a purpose. The most likely content to be ranked is useful content that answers a question, so do your research. Find out what keywords are most popular for a topic, research what questions are frequently asked. Useful tools for this include the Google Keyword Planner and People Also Ask, as well as Answer the Public. You can also use forums like Reddit to get an idea of what people want to know.

  1. Don’t over use keywords

People often assume that optimising content is time-consuming; having to think strategically about keyword density and proximity. Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing so you really don’t need to over engineer this. Google takes a semantic approach to the SEO these days and looks for synonyms of your topic. So, as long as your content has a clear keyword to flag what the content is about, then you just need to ensure you are writing natural content that relates to this. Google will do the rest.

  1. Optimise existing content as a priority

If you really are pressed for time but pressured to improve your SEO, there’s a lot you can do to your existing content before you start creating new material. Giving existing content a refresh boosts those pages and signals to Google that you are current and active online. Look at your Google Analytics to see which pages need more traffic lands – or tackle those that have high lands and a high drop off. This is often quicker than creating new content.

SEO Content Agency

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