Transforming your Social Media Campaigns

What is a good recipe for a successful social media campaign? In this blog, we look at all the ingredients to transform a mediocre campaign into a successful one.

  1. Understand your goals

Unless you enjoy the shooting fish in a barrel approach, you can’t expect to execute a successful social media campaign without planning. In order to plan, you first need to define what it is you want to achieve. This could be something generic such as grow my followers, or it could be something specific such as get sales for a really good product offer.

If you are unsure what your goals are other than to ‘be successful’ you can use a tool called the Altimeter social media ROI pyramid (Owyang, 2012).

Once you’ve clearly determined what you want to achieve with your social media marketing campaign, then you are ready to get started!

  1. Analysis

You know what you want to achieve, so now you want to establish how best to find and engage your desired target audience and for this, a little bit of research is required.

You can use existing stats and data from your platform analytics tools to find out quite a bit. Twitter Analytics for example will show you what posts most resonate with your followers and at what times.

You can profile your followers by looking at those who engage with you the most, to see what else they engage with and what sort of hashtags they might use.

You can also use more sophisticated tools such as Brandwatch to look at specific topics that your target audience commonly engages with online and which platforms are most successful in terms of engagement.

All of this information can be used to help define your campaign, what messaging you use, where you post it and at what times.

  1. Creatives

Good creatives are really important, not only for the benefit of attracting your target audience, but also for brand image.

Any marketing you do, whether it be online or offline, should reflect your brand style and values. Granted, social media does provide a more informal marketing avenue to use, but you still need to ensure your creatives are of good quality and reflect a positive image.

Create quality social banners that will quickly captivate the user and make them want to engage. These will need to be optimised for the social channels you intend to use so using the right image size is really important.

Consider variation. You want to keep your audience engaged, so have two or three different creatives that you can use for campaign updates, to keep things varied.

  1. Scheduling

Now that you have your campaign set up, you need to look at scheduling your posts. Create a calendar of content to include the posts to be shared during the campaign and also the posts for the pre-campaign activity.

Consider teaser posts in the lead up to the campaign to generate some excitement and FOMO (fear of missing out).

  1. Testing

It’s always a great idea to get colleagues to sense check your social media campaigns and posts before they are sent out. You want people to proof-read the campaign description and T&C’s to ensure that the messaging is clear and simple to understand.

If you’re using a tool to run your campaign, don’t assume it will work. Test the tool each time you run a campaign, to ensure the text displays correctly and the images load.

If everything works, post away! Don’t forget to collect stats and analyse your data to see what’s working. The best campaigns are those that have been tested and tweaked.

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