Social media for accountancy firms

Social media can be a daunting arena for accounting firms. After all, how do you make finance and accountancy products exciting in an informal space online? You may be surprised to hear that social media can be a really successful avenue for growing your business, the trick is in marrying the right networks with the right objectives.

Before you create your business’s social media marketing strategy, you need to consider the following questions:

Who are your target audiences?

Are you targeting B2B or B2C? Perhaps you want to incorporate both. Profile your audiences into example personas.

What do your audiences want?

Individuals might be looking for help with things like inheritance tax or self-employment tax returns. Businesses on the other hand might be looking for management accounting or payroll services.

Where are these audiences spending most time online?

For B2B, draw up a list of target companies and find out which networks they have business profiles on. For individuals, think about your desired demographic and the types of networks they might use.You can research data on demographics and which social networks they use here.

What are your objectives with your content?

Do you want to raise brand awareness and grow your list of followers passively or do you want to generate social media campaigns to drive traffic to your site and convert?

Once you have established the answers to the above, you can then look at the right social networks for your business and formulate a social media strategy based on actual data and stats.

In our experience, here are some of the better social networks we recommend using for your accountancy firm:


Although a social media network, LinkedIn is essentially a B2B platform where companies and individuals can connect. Users of LinkedIn are in ‘business mode’ and both businesses and professionals use it to search for business services as well as raise awareness of their profile.

Use LinkedIn to connect with businesses in your area that might benefit from your services. Join industry related groups that individuals looking for financial services might be members of. Post content such as blogs and discussion topics, to demonstrate your authority.


Facebook is the most widely used social network, with 1.3 billion users worldwide. It is largely used by individuals to connect with friends and family, but since Facebook introduced business pages, users now use it to search for services. This also has its advantages for B2B.

Grow your followers by inviting people and businesses in your area to like your page. You can also follow businesses yourself,which may encourage a follow back. Post informal content that helps your particular target audience to solve a need.  Consider using Facebook ads to create bespoke campaigns targeted to people in specific areas or with particular interests.

Google My Business

This one is sometimes overlooked as it’s perhaps not what springs to mind when people think of a social network. Google My Business is a business listing platform that enables you to manage your online presence across a range of Google tools, such as Google Maps and Google Search. Being listed here is really useful as it gives your business more chance of being found when users search for your services in a particular location.

Do you need some advice on your social media marketing for your Kent-based business? Whitefish Marketing is an established digital marketing agency, with proven experience in growing businesses online presence. Call the team on 01303 720 288.


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