What Is Landing Page Optimisation and How Do I Do It?

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and in the online world it’s pretty cut-throat. Users take a split second to decide if they like your website, based on content relevance, layout, colour and trust. Furthermore, the average user also only reads 20% of your webpage, so instantly engaging a user is a tough gig!

Are You Creating Engaging Social Media Content?

Let’s face it, we should all have some experience of social media in this day and age, whether it be just for personal use or for marketing your business. Most of us understand which networks are best for different objectives and how to operate the functions of those networks. But how do we know if we are using social media to its full potential within your digital marketing strategy?

Are you Using Email Marketing in the Most Efficient Form to Attract and Retain Clients?

Here are some effective and successful ways of gaining retention from clients and boosting traffic with your email marketing campaign.

Facebook launches new article tools

Facebook launches a new feature called instant articles enabling you to publish your content faster and easier.

5 Simple Marketing Tips For Accountancy Firms

Tips on how to secure new clients in the accountancy sector

How to start a blog… and keep it going

Tips on starting off your blog and letting customers engage with your brand.

How to get people reading your blog posts

Tips on how to make eye catching blogs and in turn increase your readers

Amplify your content through social media

Learn how to manage your content within the world of social media

6 simple changes to improve your SEO rankings

Learn simple tips to increase the effectiveness of your SEO

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